2009 News

December 21st, 2009 News

Hey guys, the new Session Summary is up so you all can take a look. I think I might actually be getting better at getting these things done at a reasonable time. I think the game is still on for this weekend, though it sounds like the table is going to be quite shallow. Remember, if there is not enough people I will have to call it off, so please, if you can't make it give us enough time to plan for the absences.

December 8th, 2009 News

For once the new Summary is up relatively early. Sorry but that is all the news for today. It is very early and I must get to bed.

December 3rd, 2009 News

Alright everyone it seems that I am going to be doing 2 Session Summaries at a time by the looks of things. I am so lazy. Well the new summaries are up for all to read. Sorry I keep waiting till the last moment.

I got 2 points to make for this weekend. First, it will be the 5th of December and I hope you all remember that is the day be decided to do the Steal-a-Gift AND the Potluck dinner. Try to bring something to pass around as well as a gift of around $20 dollars that should be a Gamer/Nerd type gift. It should be something just about anyone at the table might want.

The Second point is merely excited information. I have been working with my father-in-law and we are finally getting the wood cut for the new miniature shelf downstairs. There is still a lot of work to be done but I might have something started tomorrow. So if you see things moved around, especially things moved away from the wall behind where I sit, it is because we are getting ready for the new shelf unit.

That's all for now. See you all this Saturday.

November 20th, 2009 News

Well we finally hit a Score of sessions. I know it slowed down a bit around the wedding but that was to be expected I think. Seems we are back full tilt boogie and playing on a regular basis again. Here are the new Session Summaries. Hope you enjoy them. Soon we will be wrapping up the Heroic tier. Do you guys have your Paragon classes picked out yet? Hopefully they have some story behind them. Looking forward to seeing how the game progresses into the Paragon levels. Got a lot of plans for the Tier that I hope you guys will like. Well, see you Saturday. Vacation is almost here!!!

November 7th, 2009 News

Sorry it has been taking me so long to get the Summaries up there. It is just now calming down after everything that has been going on. We have been working more around the house; the new additions are pretty cool. But this is suppose to be for the game. Here is the link for the new Session Summaries. I hope everyone has time to take a look and enjoys them. As far as I can tell a couple of people will not be at the game this week. Mike will be working, Ed has a wedding and plans for next week, and Sam may be staying at his grand parents for the weekend. I want to add, "Congratulations Richard for your new eyes!" I really hope it all worked out for you. On a last note, I know it was Josh's birthday last week and I wanted to post something and missed it. I am going to add a birthday post and would like it if you all gave me your birthdays so you can be honored on the site on your birthday. See you all tomorrow. (Yes I know, but I am 3rd shift so the game is Tomorrow!)

October 17, 2009 News

There is no game this week I am afraid. Not enough characters to play. See you all next week.

October 1, 2009 News

As of today there will be no game on October 3rd. It sounds like some people are having problems with this weekend anyway. Consider it our first break in the game. A couple of weeks won't hurt… will it?!? I will see everyone at the wedding hopefully and we can reconvene on the 17th all refreshed and ready to go. Once again I am very sorry but there is too much for me to do before the wedding. Stress factor is climbing to get everything done!!!

September 25, 2009 News

Well we had a pretty good session today but I really think it could have been better. Still a lot of electronics going on. Well here is the Summary from last Saturday, our 16th session. Session 17 will be up shortly, I hope.

September 9, 2009 News

The new Session Summaries are up from the August 29th session and the September 5th session. I apologize for taking so long to post these but there is a lot going on right now.

As I hope you all know, there will not be a game this weekend. The bachelor party is this weekend and well, its not a gaming party. Hope to see you all there anyway and we will meet back here on the 19th for session 16.

September 2, 2009 News

I have added a new subject in the DM Errata section. I have decided to go through the 4E Feats and remove the ones that I believe are overpowered. Everyone should check this list periodically, especially when it comes time to choose a new Feat for a character.

August 25, 2009 News

The new Session Summary is up guys, take a look. I have also updated the quest log and the Items Discovered log. If there is something I have missed in the Items Discovered, just let me know or edit it yourself. (Just make sure the formatting matches what I have started already.) I posted a quick inquiry for the group. I would like it if everyone answered and with an honest opinion. Thanks, see you all this Saturday.

August 21, 2009 News

We have had a full dozen sessions. How do you guys feel about the campaign so far? How is the story so far? If you have any responses I would love to read them under the session commentaries in the Forums. Well, the Session 12 Summary is up for you guys to read. It was a short session but it was still fun to write about. I have been putting the finishing touches on the new adventure and should be better prepared this Saturday. I had enough content to get started last Saturday, I just didn't have everything printed out. Hopefully this week will go better and next week I will be starting on ERDH07. I got a million ideas so I got to keep working. See you all tomorrow.

August 14, 2009 News

I have created a spread sheet with everyone's wish list as well as a list of equipped items currently being used. These two things will help me add useful items to the upcoming adventures. This way at least every item will be usable, although some items I add may not be what people are looking for (i.e. magic chainmail or splintmail rather than platemail). I try to put items in the game that will be useful and these lists will make that much easier. You should periodically check these lists and keep them updated (as well as other info like level and such). I have also added a new page under DM Errata for unavailable magic items. You should check it out. Some people will probably not like this list, but it is a necessary evil. Hope to see you all tomorrow.

August 3, 2009 News

Update: I hope we can implement some changes and make the gaming session a bit better for everyone. I have added a new topic under DM Errata as well as adding a new section under the Campaign Journal. The Graveyard is up for you guys to take a look at. I am running out of time so I can't add the eulogys right now.

August 3, 2009 News

The session 11 Summary is posted for all to read. I also added a page with the letter from the High Astra you found so you can reference it when you wish.

July 28, 2009 News

I am finally all caught up. Session 9 and 10 Summary is posted in the Journal for you all to read. We had are first fatality this past session. Lets all take a moment of silence for our dead comrades, Rhinox and Goli. They gave their lives to the cause and died with honor. You will be missed.

I have also added the page showing the items currently discovered in the game. You can find it in the Journal under Items Discovered. Take a look and see if I missed anything. Consumables like potions were not added.

July 18, 2009 News

Finally I was able to get the 7th and 8th Session Summary up. They can be located at the usual spot, the Campaign Journal. I apologize once again for the lateness of the posts. I was quite busy (no relaxation) on my vacation and tired out this week. In the Session 8 Summary I added pages for the two handouts you found near the end of the adventure. This is so you can reference it whenever you need to, and those that were not here or will not be here this week can go over the information you got. Enjoy and see you for Session 9.

July 11, 2009 News

I wanted everyone to know that I have not forgotten about the Summary from last week. Stacy and I have had the week off and we have been doing some work around the house like finishing the painting, cleaning out the garage, and things like that. In addition I have found a couple new games (new to me anyway) that I have been trying out. The Summary for the game day of the 3rd, as well as tomorrow, will be posted this week. And of course the Summary from last week will be first. See you all tomorrow… Game ON!!!

June 30, 2009 News

The new Summary is up for all to read. We have completed 6 sessions and everything is moving smoothly, albeit a bit fast. I guess a couple of characters are very close to 4th level. A bit fast for just 6 sessions, but maybe at this rate it won't take 4 years to finish this Chapter of the Saga. Our next session will be this Friday, the 3rd of July. Just thought I would throw that out there as a small reminder. We were able to get Sam some gaming supplies and we are all ready and fired up for this Friday's game. See you all there.

June 19, 2009 News

I have updated all the Character pages on the website to include a Valuable Equipment section. This is for you to fill out so I can see who has what in the line of Magic Items. You can keep it as simple as the primary 3 slots or you can expand on this and add the other slots as you fill them if you wish. You may even want to include a wish list on your Character page and keep it updated as you get the items you are looking for. This will not only help me with your updated list, it may help if the party sees what you are looking for. The choice is yours on that account. Please try to keep your Character pages updated so I can see the progression of the party.

June 15, 2009 News

The new Summary for the 5th session is up. Also I have changed the Campaign Journal a little bit. I have some new ideas for tracking the campaign and I am going to be documenting places and events in the Journal so they can be referenced later. This could be helpful to the the players when locations and NPCs are forgotten as well as a nice way of documenting events and world creation as we move on into further chapters of the Awlidan Saga.

June 10, 2009 News

The new Summary for our 4th session is up for all to read. I have added a page for the Letter found after defeating the Wizard so it can be referenced by everyone at anytime.

June 8, 2009 News

I have added a new item on the DM Errata page. Please take a look and make changes accordingly. If you wish to discuss this, add it to the forums. I believe this is an easier fix that will not cost people feat slots.

June 1, 2009 News

The new Summary is up for all to read at their leisure. I have also added a link within the summary to the letter you found in the halls under the sewers. That way you can refer back to it whenever you wish. Sorry there is not much news but I am kinda in a hurry so enjoy.

May 28, 2009 News

I have removed the Campaign Journal from the Top Menu Bar. I noticed that on the side bar there was more information one the actual page Campaign Journal than just having the Session Summaries listed below it. I want you guys to check out the Journal because it will have your accomplishments as well as other things. For right now the Journal will just be listed on the side bar and here.

May 26, 2009 News

Last weeks session has been posted under Campaign Journal, check it out. I am still working out some kinks but I think I can straighten them out soon. I am learning more and more on a daily basis. I hope you all bear with me. Also, I have opened the Rumor Mill for your perusal. You all have been in Skulldrop for a couple of days so it just might be possible you have heard a rumor. Check it out and see what you think. Rumors will be added as possible adventures come up and you stay at a location for at least a little while. So, if you spend some time at a location, take a look at the Rumor Mill and see if anything new has popped up. Even if the location is an old one, there may be some new rumors floating around since your last visit.

May 18, 2009 News

Alright, the first session has been posted under Campaign Journal. I hope you all like it. The Chronicles of Awlidan part 3 have begun. I hope to have many more in the future. I want to say that I enjoyed the game very much and I wanted to thank all of you for your participation. I also want to say thanks for the feedback after the game. I know I made some mistakes but I don't think any of them were mechanical in nature (at least not this time). A few of you had some good ideas for some changes and some things to watch out for in the future. I am always trying to make a better game environment and a fun and exciting game world so I like it when you tell me what you like and didn't like. Hope to see you all this Saturday. I know I will be here.

The game will be hosted at the Pettibone address. The new house is still not ready, but we are working hard on it I promise.

May 2, 2009 News

I wanted to wait until the current players made their choice of character before I made this decision. Reading the PHB2, the races in that book are rarer than the normal races (i.e. human, elf, dwarf, etc.). They are not rare in the normal sense you might think. The way I have been looking at it, the races from the PHB1 is referred to as the Common races. The races from the PHB2 are more like uncommon races. Many of the backgrounds of these races have them as being rare (the Deva for example) so I have decided to limit their availability. Like I said, I wanted to wait until the people made their choices and had their character setup first. Now that 90% of the you have your character done, I can go ahead with this plan. The Races from the PHB2 will be uncommon and be limited to 1 character per group. It is the same concept as the Classes are currently. The races from the PHB1 are still unlimited in availability.

I hope you guys understand this is more of a Campaign world decision not a mechanical one. The more fantastic races I want to be rarer than the standard races. I don't want whole societies of every race, and the history of the world doesn't have them as historical figures. They are available now and it doesn't effect any of the choices already made. Of course it might effect future characters but that is all.

Please remember that when you choose a race, you might want to read up on that race here on the website. Anything written here supersedes any background information presented in the published works.

May 1, 2009 News

I know I have stated it a number of times but the deal on the house is finally complete. ONE thing off my list of things to do is done; although, it adds a ton more chores on my list (i.e. painting, cleaning, MOVING, etc.). Just wanted to make things clear since its been up in the air for so long. The Eridus Isles campaign WILL still be starting on May 16th (as long as at least 4 PCs show up). The adventure creation is coming along much better than I expected and I'm getting faster at putting together encounters (which is one of the things I have to finish before the start date).

That said, unfortunately the first game day will not be what and more importantly where I wanted. A lot needs to be done to the new house before we can actually live (and Game) there so the game will be at the current residence until further notice. Thanks for all your support and see you all soon.

April 16, 2009 News

I have added some new information to Character Creation page. Just a few things I thought you should know, before the game starts, that may help you. I have also added a new topic under DM Errata so check it out. Other than that I am still on course for stating on May 16th. The next thing I am hoping to do is add a Eridus map for characters. I am not sure how I want to do this because I don't know how much information I want every character to have. Also, the only map I have must be edited because it is a DM map and it has information characters should not have. That's it for now, until next time.

April 5, 2009 News

The time is coming up fast, the game will be beginning soon. Yes I know it is still over a month away, but look how fast time is flying. Its time you guys know where you will be starting. I have added two new pages to the Characters page. One has additional information on making your character as well as fleshing them out; the other has the Introduction to the campaign. I hope you like it and soon I will try to add a small map of the area around the starting town. I am not sure if any of you will recognize the spot, but at least it will give you a starting reference point.

March 22, 2009 News

There have been new additions to the Races and Classes pages. The new races are all described and integrated into the Awlidan campaign. The classes from the PHB2 have finally been published and are now all on the Classes list. The time is coming up fast, I hope those that have not posted characters will be adding theirs soon. Enjoy!

March 20, 2009 News

Its been a while since I have added anything to the website. Its not because I have been neglecting it, I still check everything on a daily basis. Its just that I have been working hard on the campaign world (the DM half) and the starting area where the game will begin. I have got some new maps done and I'm almost done detailing the area. Hopefully next month I will be ready to start putting together some adventures. At least that is the goal anyway.

I have added a new category in the Forums New Product Discussion in hopes of getting some feedback on the new PHB2 and it can be used for any new products that are released in the future. Take advantage and share some thoughts about the new stuff with us.

March 11, 2009 News

I know all of you, or at least most of you, already know but I figured I would put it here as News. Stacy and I are engaged. We are planning our wedding to be around August or September. I am hoping all of you can attend. We will be sending out planning cards that will have the exact date on it when we know more. Also I will post more information here on the wedding as I know more. Invitations will be sent out closer to the wedding.

March 6, 2009 News

I made some changes on the Forums. There were a couple of threads discussing other games so I moved them to A World of Games category. If you want to discuss other games, this category was made for that purpose. I figured I would move the topics already out there into this section.

March 5, 2009 News

Wanted to keep everyone apprised of whats going on. I think everyone is on board with the game starting in May so I have chosen May 16th to make sure everyone can attend. If something happens where you can't make it, I am terribly sorry and you will be missed. This should be close to Justin's birthday so… Happy Birthday Justin.

In addition, I am continuing to refine the Eridus Isles. If you have read the original booklet of the Isles you will probably see some differences. I am also making some changes so at least one province will be completely different than what is posted here. Don't worry, at this time it is not a province anyone has chosen for their homeland. I wanted to go in a different direction with one of the provinces so I will be editing it soon, hopefully no one chooses it before then.

All-in-all Eridus Isles is getting a face lift. It will be the same blood and guts as the game we started a while ago but with some minor changes that probably won't effect you guys at all.

That's all for now, see you Saturday.

February 14, 2009 News

There was a statement regarding the Forums recently that led to a change in the format. I had the forums setup with the wrong settings which allowed you to answer specific posts. I really don't like this format. I believe posts can get overlooked because it puts the answer right below the original post. It also makes discussing a topic difficult.

I changed the forum settings to Linear so all you have to do is Post to the thread and it appears as the last post. I would rather new posts appear at the top but still haven't found a way to make that change. I hope you all like the new format and hope it makes things easier for you.

January 30, 2009 News

I added a DM Errata category to the forums. This is a great spot for discussing any of the current rule changes as well as future changes made by me or through Erratas done my WotC.

Sorry I have not been adding too much on the site itself. I have been working to put together the actual campaign and that is stuff that cannot be public. I have more things I want to add but I have to make sure everything is ready for the start of the game.

January 24, 2009 News

Laertes now has a sheet available waiting for editing on the Characters page. A template has been added to the Character sheet pages for the two known characters.

January 21, 2009 News

Finally all the Provinces are done. Dig in and think about some backgrounds. I am not sure what I will be working on next for the website. I will be working on the flesh and bones of the game, the DM only stuff that won't be published. As things crop up I will be adding it to the site. I want to focus on the Introduction to the Campaign and Character Creation information.

January 20, 2009 News

Ok some of the the news is actually old news. I am still adding Provinces and more were added today, but they are still not done yet, but they are close. I added a few things under DM Errata so take some time to em out. There is a new forum thread for editing and I added some information to Classes as well as a requested file to Characters. That's it for now.

January 17, 2009 News

Added a few more Provinces. There is quite a few so be patient. If you don't find the one you like keep an eye out, it might be coming. If you don't find what your looking for after that… don't know what to tell you. That's it for today… It's Game Day!!!

January 15, 2009 News

Well it took quite a while but I got some of the Provinces posted. Take at look in The Provinces and The Outlying Islands for the layouts that area completed. They are not all done but a good amount are and this gives you guys the chance to look at them and see how they are laid out. Check them out and see what you think. Remember everyone needs to choose a homeland (province) for their character.

January 7, 2009 News

Well the Races are completely up to date. Each one now has a description telling how they fit into the Eridus campaign setting. If I can fit them into the campaign, new ones will be added as material becomes available. Take a look as see what you think.

In addition the History of Eridus and its timeline is now complete as well. This will give veteran players a brush up and new players a bit of background into the new Chapter.

January 5, 2009 News

I have made some changes to the Eridus Isles page, added the Journal page, and added a bit of information on the Characters page. Check these out and let me know if there is something I could add that you would like to see on any of them.

I am currently working on the History of Eridus and its getting a face lift. I'm only about halfway done but check it out and see what you think.

I have also added a new post to talk about new character ideas. Why don't you give it a shot. Maybe it will lead to something else.

January 3, 2009 News

Well its the new year and I am trying to start it out with a bang. I went through and edited the Khorikan story. Its up and ready for anyone that wants a bit of background on what happened in Chapter 2. I hope everyone likes what they see so far.

Also I have started the Classes page for those currently available for game play. I will do my best to keep this list updated on a regular basis as the game progresses and more material is published.

The DM Errata page has been added. A couple of points are already on the page. This will be updated as the game progresses. I am going to try to keep track of things we discuss and anything that needs a bit of extra note will be added here.

Remember let me know if there is something I can add or something needs to be edited. In addition, I'm not sure but you guys might have editing rights. I will have to check that out. I'm working hard to get things in order for the new campaign. Believe me, having this website is making a lot of things much easier.

I am going to start a news section here. When I think something is noteworthy I will add it to the welcome page as News. I am not certain how long each news article will remain on the page. I guess at that time there will be an Archive page added as well.

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