Addon Review

If you've used an addon that you would really like to reccomend, give a description here as well as a link to the addon on curse if possible. I recomend using the curse client to download and install these and it can be found here.

Bartender 4
This addon replaces the bottom hotbar gui and allows for more customization of additional hotbars.

An addon that stores prices from the auction house and provides data so you know how about how well to price your goods. Make sure to scan the AH once or twice a day to keep the prices up to date.

An addon that allows you to save auction house searches for goods you deal in the most.

Atlas Loot Enhanced
An addon that lets you reference loot tables from different instances and bosses.

An addon used to rate gear of players, to make determinations on readyness for various dungeons and raids.

lil sparky's workshop
Interfaces with auctioneer and replaces your current tradeskill interface to provide pricing and cost of your various recipe's.

Omen Threat Meter
Measure's current threat on the target, usefull for helping dps not to pull agro from the tank.

A combat parcer, so you know who's doing how much damage and what skills they are useing.

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