Quick Learning Under Pressure

If you attempt a default skill roll in a stressful situation, you may try to acquire that skill during play, regardless of whether you succeeded or failed (you can learn from your mistakes!). The GM is the judge of whether a given situation qualifies as "stressful”; see Base Skill vs. Effective Skill (p. 171) for examples. At the start of the next game session, make an IQ roll to see whether you learned from your experience. Eidetic Memory gives +5; Photographic Memory gives +10! On a success, you may spend one point earned during the previous session to learn the skill. If you have no points, you cannot learn the skill – and if you let more than one session go by, you lose the opportunity. Obviously, if a skill has no default, you cannot learn it this way.

Jonathon Smith
Jun Ryu Takeshi
Solorian Fiettiark
Vali Thordson

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