• Name: Allessio
  • Player: Brent
  • Race: Elf (male)
  • Class: Cleric
  • Level: 8th
  • Homeland: Terravar

Valuable Equipment

Symbol: Symbol of the Holy Nimbus +1
Armor: Bloodthread Cloth Armor +1
Neck: None
Waist: Healer's Sash


A young elf with a cheerful open demeanor Alessio is always ready with a smile. He wears robes of midnight blue with tastefully restrained silver trim. His white hair is worn long and simply, usually tied back with a simple cord. His features are warm and his grey eyes merry. The silver and gold crescent moon that marks him as a priest of Sehanine is almost always in prominent display, and he often absently polishes it with fingers or a corner of his robe.


Allessio has a deep and abiding love for his fellow creatures. He desires to alleviate suffering wherever he finds it and replace it with happiness and joy. He is especially fond of the female half of most species and delights in their company, both overt and intimate. He dislikes violence; bullies or forceful boorish behavior disgust him. He is not so naive to think that all the world is or even could be peaceful, but for himself he prefers to do as little harm as possible.


An elf raised in a mostly human village he learned tolerance and understanding early in life. Apprenticed to a great-uncle as a noviate of Sehanine he has grown greatly and swiftly in the healing arts. Often chided for his romantic entanglements, which caused no few difficulties in his small community, he was encouraged to go out in the world. A pilgrimage to the elven isle of Ashani resulted in a startling vision: darkness seeping from and rising above the ground to cover the land. An elder seer counseled the young healer to journey through the lands of men to the northern frontiers and seek out the fortress community of Skulldrop.

To safeguard the young, impressionable elf from the harsh nature of the people he would be walking among the priestesses of Sehanine (several of which he already knew rather more closely than was strictly proper) called a circle to bless him and he recited the following vows before them under the light of the moon goddess:

"Shed no living blood."
"Depend on the generosity of others for your needs."

Friends, Patrons, and Allies



Notable Traits

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