Amos The Guide

Amos is a short man with a relatively small frame. He is definitely not military material. He has short, blonde, curly locks that seem to dance when he moves. He appears over eager and excitable, but very good natured and happy. His eyes are bright and filled with the wonder of youth; the young man cannot be older than fourteen. He wears brown short breeches of fine courtly design along with a surcoat of black and orange that gathers at the elbows. He wears the Courts colors of black, brown, and orange and has a feel of dignity even though he is a simple servant of the king.

Amos has a great deal of knowledge about a wide variety of subjects. He also knows several languages. Part of his duties was to do research for the wizard Mathaus so he has learned a great deal. His soul passion is to become a great wizard like Mathaus and he has even started his apprenticeship. Unfortunately, the young man got into trouble and decided to pay his debt by becoming a Court servant. He still tries to study magic but he finds very little time to do so. The wizard Mathaus tries to give him something to study each week to help the boy out.

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