Anthius is dominated by humans in more of a since than the rest of Eridus. The land has been deemed unnatural by the elves and provides no worthy commodities for dwarves. It remains this way to this day, humans are the only race daring enough to weather the endless obstacles this lands sets before its inhabitants. It is rare to find any of the other common races in residence here, though some dragonborn and tieflings find the environment comforting.

Anthius covers the northern portion of the island of Aliandess. It has a hook-like shape to its boundaries. Beginning at the border of Sandhorn, the province has a wide stretch of land. As it goes north it curves to the east and grows smaller. It finally comes to a point that faces east towards Eridus.


  • +1 bonus to Constitution
  • You may add Endurance to your class skill list
  • Gain a +2 bonus to all Endurance checks
  • Gain resist 2 fire (or existing resistance increases by 2), at 11th level resistance improves to resist 3 (or increase by 3), and at 21st level resistance improves to resist 5 (or increase by 5)

Anthius Society

The land of Anthius was discovered with the land of Sandhorn to the south and was settled shortly afterward. Those that settled these lands were merely emigrants from that province. They broke away from the southern land and made a life of their own.

The people here are struggle with a land that is inhospitable and nearly unable to support life. The air is dry and hot and the land is all but dead. A northern wind sometimes brings the deadly air from the Ash Wastes. One thing that makes them different, instead of learning to cope and survive the conditions of the land, they work at changing the land. The people of Anthius actually hope to revitalize the land, to wake it up and let it live again. The land is not nearly as bad as the Ash Wastes so life here is slightly better. Instead of giving up, the settlers fought on and are slowly winning the battle against the land.

Anthius is run by a single ruler. The lord of the province is an Auristian that seems to have a golden tongue. Even though the people of this province have lived here for many years, his words inspire them to greater things. In truth, the settlers have lived better under his rule than any other time in history. Since his coming there have been numerous breakthroughs. The Anthius way of life has actually improved and continues to show improvement. Some new inventions include a water distiller, a land toiler, and a fertilizer made of a blend of rare herbs.

The people of Anthius have become selfish and self centered. They refuse to share their new findings with their neighbors and will not trade with anyone outside their own province. Outsiders and strangers are seen as thieves that have come to steal their way of life.


The island of Aliandess is a destroyed land with no evidence of how it came to be in this condition. There is nothing in history about a land this devastated. Everything about the land is harsh to human living. Anthius is mostly plains with a small portion of the Ash Wastes spilling over into the province. The conditions of the plains are more found in arid deserts than rolling grassland. The ground is unfertile and vegetation is at a minimum.

Ash Wastes: The Ash Wastes is a large, completely lifeless stretch of land. It is spotted with hills and copes of rock formations throughout its surface. Crevices and large craters scar the land. The ground looks almost black or gray like burnt coal. It is always warm and wind brings nothing but ash storms. To the people of Anthius the Wastes are extremely deadly and avoided by most.

Province Features

Anthius is one of the lesser populated regions of Eridus, which is hard to believe since it’s more hospitable than its neighboring province, Sandhorn. Anthius has adopted strict rules about newcomers and visitors; none are welcome within the borders. The inhabitants of Anthius struggle to make due with what they have and they do not wish to share their land with anyone else.

Eyghos [Small Walled City: 8,359]: Eyghos is located near the center of the province. It rests on the shore of the Eyrig Lake. It has all the trappings of a normal city and built to withstand the toughest storms the island has to offer. Although like their sister province, they must make everything out of adobe and rock. The structures are built slightly underground to hopefully stave off some of the heat, and they are topped with tiled roofs. Eyghos is the birthplace of many o the inventions around Anthius. The greatest minds around the province are invited to come and live in Eyghos under the care of their Lord. The engineering marvels found around Anthius come from a circle of inventors called the Gears of Invention.

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