Unlike the rest of Eridus, where the population of humans far outnumbers any of the other races, the island of Ashani is a home for elves and their kin, and they refuse to share the land with anyone. The elves have trade agreements with many of the other inhabitants of the surrounding territories, so the elven settlements along the shoreline are open for trade. However that is the extent of the elven hospitality. None of the other races are allowed to leave the cities by any means other than the port authority. The lands beyond the walls are forbidden to all other travelers.

Ashani is an island located to the north of Eridus, beyond the point, just off the shore of the Black Skull Heights, an island with an arrowhead shape. It isn’t a large island, being smaller than some provinces, but it has a beautiful landscape. Ashani has surreal rolling plains and thick untamed jungles.


  • +1 bonus to Dexterity
  • You may add Nature to you class skill list
  • Gain a +2 bonus to all Nature checks
  • You may reroll one Initiative check per day, but you must keep the second result even if it is worse

Ashani Society

Ashani is the island home of the elves. The inhabitants of this land have made it a solemn vow to protect her and all her glory. They are quite peaceful in their ways of preserving the natural order of the island. The ecosystem here is nearly perfect.

The elves do not shun travelers and guests but they do have strict laws they must follow. The elven community is the protectors of this land; they can be friendly to outsiders, or deadly to invaders. They welcome travelers to their island as long as they abide by the rules set before them.

It is rumored that the elves have a King and Queen that rule the island, but none has ever seen them. It is common knowledge the elven Houses hold great power within the settlements and sages believe the older the House the more power they wield. The true leadership structure of the elven community is a mystery to most. Those that have gotten close enough to learn the ways of the elf, speak of a Council never seen by outsiders. This contradicts the theory of the King and Queen but it is the most popular theory.

Different types of elves, allied with eladrin, work together to keep the peace and serenity of the wild. They learned a long time ago to come together and work as a whole to reach their goals. Because of this, there is no segregation between the elves or identifiers for them. There are no high elves, gray elves, or wild elves, they are all one society and one group. They are elves and they are the rulers of this island. Though the eladrin are different and seen as such, they are ancient kin to the elves and thus are treated as equals.


Even though Ashani is settled by a structured society of elves, it is still highly wild and untamed. The grasslands are still widely unsettled and the animal inhabitants still show their dominance over the land. The jungle is mostly uncharted and very dangerous to those travelers unsuited to her treacherous terrain.

Asymier Jungle: Asymier Jungle is thick woodland covering the center of Ahsani and stretching down to the southeastern point. At least half the island is covered by the jungle. It is a wild growth the elves refuse to tame, and refuse to exploit. It is largely uncharted and its dangers are numerous. Trespassers and unwanted guests beware for this is the hunting grounds of the Watchers of Asymier and they do not take kindly to strangers.

Guthsheir Plains: The plains cover the southwestern tip of the arrowhead. The land is mostly flat with tall grass and wild flowers. One could stand in its center and see for miles; very few blemishes block the view.

Shining Grasslands: These grasslands are located in the northern point of the island. During the few hours before sunrise and sunset the light catches the wild grass in a strange hue. A shimmer comes off the land like light bouncing off green crystals. The plains are teaming with wildlife just waiting for unsuspecting travelers.

Province Features

The elves of this region settle mostly on the edges of the island. This leaves the majority of the island to nature, free and able to grow as it will. Only the eldest of the elven houses settle within the deep confines of the jungle. Ashani is still dotted with many an elven settlement both beautiful and majestic. Travelers can see the elven skill of artistry in everything they do. From the design of the structures to the cities themselves, the elven communities are simply poetic.

Sur-Khiar [Small Walled City: 7,584]: The city is located in the plains near the southwestern point. Its graceful beauty is a major draw for travelers of all types. This is the center of elven society, maybe not in location, but in commerce and in social standing. Some of the more powerful Houses reside here; though it is speculated by scholars of the elven culture that the more powerful and oldest houses are hidden deep in the jungle. The city has many parks and gardens within its high stone walls, the mother’s own touch in each one. The city is a haven for nature lovers. Druids and rangers feel comfortable within these walls, if only for a short time.

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