Avatar Dightons Letter

We understand your argument on the position of using the goblin Portal to initiate Phase 2 of our plans. We recognize the superior power and strength of your hobgoblin warband. It is not our intention to leave you in this position. We need you to use the Portal in the goblin lair until the second portal is complete. It was necessary to finish the first portal for the goblins because they were to be Phase 1 of the assault. It is imperative that you do not fight with the goblin known as Nibkraw. We need you to be allies and work together until our plans are complete. Once that time comes, you are free to show them the full might of the Rageclaw Hobgoblin Warband.

Is it safe to say the magic and technology we have shown you and taught you have been put to good use? By now you should have all the defenses we offered you in place. Your stronghold will be impervious to attack, while you quickly eliminate your rivals with the rest of the payment we promised you. That is, if the job is complete, and the only way that can be accomplished is through cooperation with the Deepspears. Be patient and you will have the strongest warband in the entire area of the Skull.

Avatar Dighton

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