Avatar Ephyrrus Letter

You have done well so far. The portal from the Deepspear goblin lair is working perfectly. As we have shown you, we have great magic and we can help you with your current goal. The instructions for the goblin portal should be proof enough. I take it events are moving according to plan? The assault should be ready soon. Are the cloaks working? If they were imbued properly, they should give ample time for the goblins to get into place and launch their attack. The ingredients and the instructions were laid out to the letter. More proof of the strength of our magic. Be sure to gather enough ingredients so you may test them before you go forward with the attack.

It is time for you to show us some faith of your own. We would like you to proceed with the construction of the second portal. Once that is complete we will send instructions on how to link the portal to us. If the new portal is not done by the time the initial assault is finished, there will still be time to finish it. The goblin assault is only the first phase of the plan. Although it may take you more time than first expected so you should begin as soon as you have all the supplies you need.

Once we have what we need, we will grant you the services you requested. One death is nothing compared to what is at stake. Do not fail us. Our vengeance would be beyond your comprehension.

Avatar Ephyrrus

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