Battle Plans

These papers detail the plans for Phase 2 of the assault on Skulldrop, or at least the part that involves the hobgoblins of the Rageclaw clan.

The instructions seem to be from someone called Avatar Dighton and address the hobgoblin warlord, Garbrak.

The hobgoblins are to use the portal below the sewers to initiate Phase 2 of the attack. They will coordinate their attack using hobgoblins in one assault and the bugbears wherever the Fort soldiers seem to be forming the best defense.

Once the hobgoblins have the soldiers busy, Garbrak and his ogre bodyguards will send a team through the sewers and into the Fort and assault the command staff.

The plan is to eliminate every guard and watchman in the Stone and the Fort.

Once control of the Stone has shifted to the goblins, Phase 3 will begin.

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