Betrayal Of The Skull Tower

Through covert means the First Advisor, Maranaren, enlisted the help of the heroes to help discover how or why the wizards of the Skull Tower could betray Skulldrop, and him. Once again the adventurers delved deep into the Tower and they discovered yet another hidden complex beneath. This small complex was dedicated to the Varrikai, a powerful organization working against the Royalty of Mentiel. The group didn’t find much but they found enough to start an investigation into the organization and its leader, Jafnar Voransen. The group learned that Jafnar was actually a fugitive traitor known as Zeitvor Varkis, the Lord of the traitorous Varkis family.

After an extensive investigation that actually got one of the heroes killed, they found the true headquarters of the Varrikai. They stormed the headquarters, going down level by level and putting an end to any Varrikai that got in their way. Their goal was to find Jafnar and bring him to justice; they didn’t expect to find two of the Varkis family within the complex. They came upon Jeremiah Varkis, a talented and experienced soldier; in the end the heroes bagged his head and continued down through the complex. At the bottom they found the sanctuary of Jafnar himself. It was a large laboratory with its own arcane circle for performing any number of rituals. Jafnar proved to be more knowledgeable in the arcane arts than Jeremiah was in the military arts; although, in the end the Varrikai was rooted out and their threat was ended.

The heroic adventurers saved most of the wizards from imminent execution. They found the Varrikai, a powerful organization that has been working in Skulldrop and Mentiel for decades, and put an end to their dealings. They even found two members of the most wanted family of all Mentiel and brought them to justice. Things are quiet, or possibly back to normal, in Skulldrop.

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