Black Griffon Tavern

The sign above the front door depicts the silhouette of a griffon rearing up on its hind legs and spreading its wings. The door opens to a large common room with many tables to choose from. On the north wall is a large fireplace that burns during cold nights. At the back of the room is a large bar with stools on three sides. There are 3 bartenders working behind the counter during the busiest nights. The owner, Tirgan, is a retired soldier that used his earnings to build this tavern. He is tall and lanky with very little bulk to him, but he is a warrior nonetheless and can take care of himself. Above the mantle is a griffons head surrounded by black feathers. Rumors are that Tirgan killed the beast himself.

Drinks: The Black Griffon has many of the drinks found at other drinking holes; mead (2cp), ale (4cp), beer (1sp), liquor (3sp), and wine (5sp); prices are for 1 glass. A pitcher of drink usually consists of 10 glasses. Tirgan also has some exclusive special brew. Black Feather Brew is a strong brewed beer that seems to be a favorite in the tavern; it sells for (2sp). Griffon’s Mane is a golden liquor and very strong selling for (4sp). It is known to be a favorite among dwarves if they can’t find Dwarven Ale.

Food: Common specials are (2sp) a dish while full sized meals are (1gp).

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