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Eridus is a set of islands located in the Forgotten Sea south of the equator. It is a large land mass with a canal running through its middle; but even so, it is still not much more than an island itself. In the waters around the mainland lies a number of smaller islands rumored to have broken off Eridus during the Cataclysm. Finally the drift and the shifting of the lands stopped and formed the Eridus Isles.

History of Eridus

The heretics of the world were spread throughout the common races. It was not just the humans that lost their faith in the gods; there were dwarves, elves, and some from every other common race. They strongly believed that the gods had forsaken them, left them to fend for themselves. They did not know where to go, many traveled like nomads. These nomads couldn't stay in one place for long. With the expansion of the other races, if they were found they were executed. They were strong in their beliefs but weak in number. Their only hope of survival was to keep traveling. They had to move and find more of those that thought the way they did.

Inside is a loose timeline of Eridus during the arrival of the nomad settlers and through to the new millennium.

Current Events

After the new millennium came things began to change. Prophecies were predicting an unclear future and war was breaking out in many of the lands around the world. This is an account of events that have been happening in the years between the coming of the new Age and the current date. This is a short recap of Eridus' most recent history.

The Provinces

During the first years of settling the lands, the nomads spread out to find their own spot in the world. Small settlements popped up all over the mainlands and eventually the surrounding islands. These small settlements grew into city-states which grew into a number of settlements under the control of a single city-state. These groups of settlements became the Provinces of Eridus.

The Outlying Islands

Many of the islands around Eridus were already inhabited by natives. Ashani was settled by elves, the Peaks of Elsenmoor is home to the gnomes, Jerhelheim island has been settled by dwarves for over a thousand years, and then you have Xenaphar island which is home to the strange and anigmatic Xynthians, the very people that brought the nomads here. Here is a look at the islands around Eridus. Some are still quite wild and untamed like the Island of Whispers and some are settled by savages.

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