• Player: Tony Hetherington
  • Race: Elf(male)
  • Class: Shaman
  • Level: 6th
  • Homeland: Xenthaphrin(Windless jungle)

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: add
Implement: magic totem +1
Armor: Bloodcut leather armor +1
Neck: add
Other: add

Bloodcut leather armor +2 lvl9
+2 Totem of Winter Scorn lvl9
Frostwolf Pelt lvl9
Handy Haversack lvl10
Bracers of Infinite Blades lvl11
Tumbler's shoes lvl11
Gloves of Ice lvl11
Totemic Warclub +3 lvl12
Ring of Feather Fall lvl14
Ring of Invigoration lvl14
General's Belt lvl15

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