Central Eridus

Central Eridus was once a cesspool filled with every type of common race. Though the islands were, and still are, dominated by humans, many of the races came here for every reason one could think of. It was a place of political intrigue and manipulation and it didn’t matter if you were a human Auristian or a tiefling diplomat, this is where you came to flex your political muscle. It was the center of government a therefore was a soup filled with desires, complaints, power struggles and corruption.

All of what was in Central Eridus is a thing of the past. The Empire came and changed the structure of the government and then mysteriously slipped away. What they left behind was a commander leading a single band of defenders just barely able to keep the wolves from the gate. The Imperial dominance that was once felt throughout Eridus and many of its surrounding islands is now pulled inward and is barely seen outside the walls of the Castle Nollveris.

Central Eridus is a large province located dead center of Northern Eridus. The majority of the land is grassland and rolling hills which is farmed by primarily by the criminal element working on labor camps from the surrounding villages, trying to pay back their debt to society. The great Castle Nollveris, in the center of the province, is not only a symbol of strength and power, but a symbol of what the Eridusians lost in the invasion of the Empire.


  • +1 bonus to Charisma
  • You may add Bluff and Diplomacy to your class skill list
  • You gain a +2 bonus to all Bluff and Diplomacy checks

Eridus Society

This is the most bloody of all the provinces. The politics of Eridus are known to be brutal and this is the center of it all. Kings of all types and beliefs have fought and died on this soil. Some have been murdered in their sleep in their very own bedchamber, while others were slaughtered at the foot of the throne itself. At least one has fallen to the sword of invaders from afar.

Central Eridus is solely controlled by the Empire and those that live within its borders are ruled by a strict government. Most criminals and lawbreakers that actually survive their trial and punishment are forced to work off their debt by working the fields and serving in the castle itself. They are kept on a short leash and often work as slaves for Imperial Nobles and high ranking officials. Disobedience means death.

The Eridusian settlers of Central Eridus are treated not much better, but not as criminals either. They are allowed to work their land, work their trades in the towns, or even deal in trade. The people tend to be aloof and keep to themselves, only making eye contact when a deal is to be made. A smile, a nod, or a wave are all rarely given to a stranger, and most people walk with their eyes to the ground.

Unlike the other provinces, Central Eridus is controlled by the High Lord and his laws. The Mayors of the surrounding settlements and the place holders for any official position are all chosen by him. There are no real dangers here for the Imperial Guard runs a tight ship and keeps everything in line. Uprisings are dealt with swiftly and brutally. Any resistance is considered treasonous to the Empire and those responsible or conducting such behavior is put to death immediately.


The land of Central Eridus is pretty much the same everywhere you go. It is a major agricultural paradise, and very fertile and vast. A small portion of the southern part of the province is covered by jungle. The rest is all grasslands and grass covered hills.

Filoren Plains: These plains are excellent farmland. The soil is rich and fertile which makes farming easy. It is also a good source for animals. Herding is just as prominent as the agriculture. The plains are also home to many other inhabitants. Nomads, animals, and other tribes and creatures call this land home.

Lake of Reflection: This lake provides much of the water for the Castle and its surrounding settlements. It is also shrouded in it sown mystery. Ever since the nomads settled the isles of Eridus there have been reports of visions coming from this lake. Stories are told about everything from seeing ghosts walk the surface to seeing ones own future or past when peering into it.

Sunderwood Jungle: The southern most border of Central Eridus claims part of this jungle. The High Lord did not want any of the jungle as part of his territory. He said the jungle held too many shadows and mysteries. One of the Imperial Lords wanted Ashayn which was located a few miles inside the jungle. The High Lord granted the request and Central Eridus grew southward.

Willowdell Woodland: Only a very small portion of these woods grow into Central Eridus. North of the Devil Vine River and west of Hursnel is a few miles of woodland, enough to provide some resources to Hursnel and Arand.

Province Features

Central Eridus is solely controlled by the Empire. They allow the settling and the working of the land, but the people are under much more scrutiny than any other province. This is the land of their Capitol and the Castle after all. This is also where slaves and criminals are made to work off their debt to the Empire.

Castle Nollveris [Eridus Capitol, Wall: 22,470]: After the slaying of the current king and the Empire took control of Eridus, the High Lord ordered all the citizens removed from the Capitol city. If they would not be moved they would be buried. Once the Capitol was emptied he began construction of his new castle. Castle Nollveris consumed the entire old Capitol city. When construction was complete, it was home to not only the High Lord himself, but the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Lords as well. The only Eridusians that live here are slaves to the Empire.

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