Character Creation

The available Races and Classes are posted on the proper pages. Please remember there can only be one character per class. When your characters are ready you can add them to the Characters page for all to see. This will also be the roster of the group. I will be updating some of the information on a regular basis as the party progresses and you are encouraged to keep each of your characters updated as well.

Divine Power

The deities play a major part in the saga of Awlidan and the Heroes are the source of the Divine Power. Any class that uses Prayers, or the Divine power source, must choose a deity. The choice can be from the list of Lawful good, Good, and Unaligned deities but please refer to Alignment below.

I have noticed that a few of the new characters from PHB2 have backgrounds that talk about them getting their powers from sources during the early stages of the world. I need to remind you all that this campaign has a slightly different history than the published work. Please remember that even though you must choose a deity from the PHB1 that you favor, these deities were Heroes during the Age of Legend and do not have the history that pits them against the Primordials. This in no way changes the way any of the classes work, but it could have an impact on the roleplaying of some classes. I view all of the current players as very good roleplayers and I truly believe you will make adjustments as needed without much of a problem.


This is a heroic Saga above and beyond the description of the first Character Tier. I am accepting Lawful Good, Good, and Unaligned characters but the Unaligned status is not a free pass for anarchy and freedom to do what you want. Even Unaligned characters are expected to have some form of good intentions and morals. You have to decide why you are traveling with this party and doing these good deeds.


This is the Eridus Isles and your character is an inhabitant and citizen of these Isles. It doesn't matter what province you come from or what race you choose, this is your home. No character will have extensive knowledge of any other Plane or world, and knowledge of the world beyond the boundaries of the Isles is gained the same way everyone else gathered it, Rumors.


This is obviously not a must, but I encourage all my players to create a background for their characters. Some sort of story you can fall back on or use to help you roleplay your character is always a good thing. It can be as in depth as you want it to be. Backgrounds and Heritage will never give a character any bonuses to knowledge checks beyond what Homelands or the game mechanics already provide.


Everyone starts with 1 contact if they so choose. Contacts are people you have created a bond with in one fashion or another. Maybe it is someone that owes you a favor, or possibly a childhood friend that is in a particular profession. If you choose a Contact and wish to flesh it out with me, I will be happy to help. Each character can gain new Contacts equal to his Charisma modifier during the course of the game. Everyone will have the possibility of having or gaining at least 1, regardless of your Charisma score.

The Start

You are all encouraged to read the introduction to the campaign to give you an idea of where you will be starting and what your surroundings will be like. It is a good idea to come up with a reason for traveling to this location and it can be as simple or as in depth as you want it to be.


I will be changing the way I normally do experience. Instead of doing individual handouts at the end of the night breaking down the XP into basically roleplaying categories, I will following the experience progression from the Core rules. Experience will be handed out through encounters, whether it be Skill Challenges or Tactical Encounters. This is a big change for me and I hope it works, but like I keep saying, this is a good group so I don't foresee any problems.

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