Character Introduction

It is common knowledge that the Cataclysm reshaped Awlidan and nearly destroyed all life in its wake. Man survived but during the centuries after, the land was still changing, shifting. At least that is what the sages and scholars believe.

One such event changed part of Eridus. In the rocky terrain of the northern border of Mentiel, a shifting of the land sent part of the hills rising high above the other. This created a natural wall over a hundred feet high named the Ridgeback Cliffs by the local tribes. When the nomads came and settled the area they had very little to worry from the humanoid tribes of the hills now known as the Jagged Plains; but that did not last long.

After a score of years being settled, a massive quake shook Eridus. The earthquake ripped through the Jagged Plains and weakened the wall. The center collapsed, creating a long ravine leading the savage humanoids directly to the settled and civilized areas to the south.

The current Lord of Mentiel commissioned the building of a fort at the ravine to protect against raids from the humanoid tribes. The dwarven builders fashioned a massive stone to cover the ravine from the Cliff down to its point within the Mentiel border. The fort was built near the edge of the wall looking over and into the lands of the enemy as the Stone closed off the ravine like a huge lid over a stew pot. Tunnels were dug so the ravine was accessible from the fort but narrow enough for easy defense. Skulldrop Fort was finished and became a successful block against humanoid invasion.

Today Skulldrop still sits on the edge of the Ridgeback Cliffs. It has drawn a good number of citizens believing there would be good business around a fort in the middle of nowhere. The people were right. A small village started on the Stone near the fort and eventually spilled over onto the hills below the Stone. A second wall was added to encompass the part of the village that had been built on the Stone and the area could be used to harbor all the citizens of Skulldrop in case of an emergency.

The fort and its surrounding village has also become an adventuring attraction. Adventurers come to the fort to test their skills against the wild of the Jagged Plains or seek treasure and glory from the Skelden Peak Pass and beyond. Since the current Lord Governor created the Raven Riders, a unit of griffon riding knights, griffon eggs has been a valuable commodity coming out of the hills and mountains beyond the wall. The Raven House within the fort pays good gold for unhatched and undamaged eggs brought back through the gates.

The Fort has many reasons for travelers to visit and not all of them have adventuring beyond the Cliff included. Some come to the Fort looking for work as merchants as well as taking up arms on the walls and the gates of Skulldrop. Others include the possible acquisition of merchandise that could not be attained through normal means. Many things come through the gates from the Skull of Eridus. Most are baubles worthless to all but the most intricate collectors, but the possibilities are near endless. There is plenty of business and trade going through Skulldrop as well.

What lies in the hills? What could be hidden deep in the caves and other dark places of the mountains beyond the dangerous tribes of humanoids that hunt the land? Who or what inhabits the land beyond the mountains? What treasures and artifacts are buried deep in the ancient ruins beyond? How will your adventures begin? What will you do to be called… Heroes?

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