I will be adding a page for each one of the Players to enter their character with as much detail as they like. This page will have the character introduction for the players to read at their leisure. Also, below will be an updated area for the progress of the party. The information will include the average level of the party, the starting level of new characters, and other information for creating characters.

The link below is the character sheet I use with my own characters. If anyone has other character sheet fillables please let me know. I would like to add a variety of sheets players could use.

Character Creation

This section lists some information that could be useful when creating your character. It has guidelines for roleplaying and additions that are not found in the published books.

Character Introduction

This is currently the introduction for the beginning of the game. It will change as the game progresses to give new characters and/or players an idea of what is going on or what to expect.

Campaign Progress

The Heroic tier has come to a close and the Fate Seekers are born. The group has killed a King and saved a province. What's next? The Paragon Tier kicks off with a new leveling system and the return of PLPs for the players. What will the group find among the elite? Prepare yourselves for greater dangers and a new threat on the horizon.

STARTING MAGIC ITEMS: One 18th level item, one 17th level item, and one 16th level item. New items for characters must be one of each of these levels, you cannot choose lower level items.
STARTING CASH: 1,700gp Minor magic items can be bought with this money (rituals, potions, alchemical items), but normal magic items cannot be purchased.
WISH LIST MINIMUM LEVEL: We are not doing wish lists anymore.

Party Roster

The roster is pretty full with a lot of good ideas and nicely built characters. We are running strong with 10 players and the characters are coming along nicely. Things are running smooth so I don't think we will need any more players at this time. PLEASE DO NOT INVITE ANYMORE PLAYERS. We are back up to 10 players (for a while now) so that will be enough. I would love it if everyone got to play but it just doesn't work. It gets too crazy. Thank you and I hope you all understand.

Alternate Characters

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