Chronicles Of Ahnroon

“There will come a Divine, never before seen, who shall birth a new Age. The womb of a mortal shall clothe Her in flesh, though mortal she will not be. As a small spark can ignite a great flame, this mortal birth will kindle a power that shall transcend mortal and immortal alike.”
—Chronicles 5, 1:10 | Ahnroon the All Seer

“Awlidan will be remade and the foundations of the world shaken. Nations will wither, peoples will be lost, and all that is old will crumble to dust as the new Divine ascends to Her place of utter power.”
—Chronicles 5, 3:10 | Ahnroon the All Seer

“To the pinnacle of the heavens She will ascend, taking Her rightful place upon the throne of all the existence. Above the universe She will look down upon Her kingdom in glory and splendor. Her light will shine upon the deep places and the high. Her voice will echo amongst the caverns of everdark and the undying stars.”
—Chronicles 7, 6:17 | Ahnroon the All Seer

“In these days mortal faith will be tested. The drums of war shall beat their bloody call from the East unto the West. The old gods of man will call upon the serried ranks of mortalkind to challenge the Celestial Host in battle. Despair shall be the air that fills men’s lungs, and death the final sigh of relief. Woe to the children of these days, for they shall die as orphans. Pity the woman with child, for there will be no dreams, no hopes, no future for her unborn.”
—Chronicles 7, 10:17 | Ahnroon the All Seer

“As the light banishes the shadow, so too will the power of the Celestial Madonna wax and overcome those that came before Her. She will ascend and the old gods will fall away one by one, as leaves fall when the winter comes. Yet for the fallen ones, no spring will come, only the endless darkness of Oblivion."
—Chronicles 8, 3:8 | Ahnroon the All Seer

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