This area will have the list of classes currently available for play in the upcoming restart of Chapter 3, Eridus Isles. I am not going to give each one its own page since classes are much different than races. Though this might seem kind of boring to me and I might change my mind. Until then it will be simply a list of classes you can choose when making your character.

I am not going to change my ruling that I made when I started Eridus Isles last time. I am pretty sure by the time I am ready to play there should be plenty of classes to choose from. Therefore, I am limiting each class to a single character. There will be no duplicate classes accepted. This, in NO-WAY, will affect multiclassing. The rules for the multiclass feats will not change (though you might want to take a look at DM Errata for more information.

In addition, I will add information here if something is published on the DNDInsider that corresponds with classes, such as playtesting that might become available. Any class available for playtest, or possibly a class I am considering adding to the list, will be added to a separate list at the bottom of the page.

Other information will be added here as necessary.

The current available classes is as follows:

  • Avenger [Dashiell (Richard Paine, Jr)]
  • Barbarian [Donner (Josh Smith)]
  • Bard [Amania (Amanda)]
  • Fighter/Knight/Slayer [Thorgan Silvervein (Ed Foss)]


  • Druid/Sentinel [Caelan (Nicole Boik)]


  • Paladin/Cavalier [Thiranus (Lee Havard)]
  • Ranger/Hunter/Scout [Iskani (Sam Metcalfe)]
  • Rogue/Scoundrel/Thief [Merric (Zac Lange)]


  • Shaman [Persephone (Stacy Hickey)]


  • Wizard/Arcanist/Mage [Zadicus (Jevin Noel)]

Paragon Paths

Classes are limited to one character per class. This rule extends to Paragon Paths as well. Choosing a Paragon Path through multiclassing feats is fine, as long as the Path has not been chosen already.

If there is a debate between two characters wanting the same Paragon Path, the character class in which the Path belongs trumps all other characters. If it is two multiclass characters wanting the same Path, you will have to work it out. The first character to qualify for the Path can choose the Path.

If this is an issue, or a possible problem, you may wish to talk to each other and see what people have planned for their character.


  • Nothing on the books at this time.
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