Conclave Of Earth

The Jagged Plains hold many secrets beneath its stone exterior; one such secret was unearthed, by accident. A group of prospectors were attacked out in the hills by a band of goblins. Only a couple of lucky individuals were able to escape. As they ran they sought refuge in a ravine but the ground proved weak. The earth collapsed beneath the prospectors as they fell through to a dark passage, a manmade passage.

The adventurers were hired by a historical group called the Ancient Eridus Historian Group, otherwise known as AEHG. They hired the party to investigate these ruins found deep in goblin territory. They were to make sure it was safe for the historians, by any means necessary.

When the group arrived they did find the ruins inhabited. There were goblins, vermin, even vermin in humanoid form. As they dug deeper they found elemental creatures that had been imprisoned in these halls for centuries. The party started to see a pattern in the things they discovered.

The group learned that the ruined halls were built over an Earth Node, a powerful conduit of elemental energy. The original inhabitants, the Covenant of Earth, used the Node to empower their rituals and experiments. The Covenant was able to tap into elemental energies far beyond their means.

Somewhere deep in the earth, hidden far under the surface, the adventurers found a great dome that held a small village or possibly a large camp. Where on Awlidan this place was could not be determined. The magic gate the party used took them to this place and they could not discover where they were located. Here they found the original inhabitants of the Conclave, or what was left of them. Dark rituals prolonged the life of these remaining members, but only in undeath. The group learned that this Conclave was only a small part of a larger organization. The Arcanists were one half of the Eridus population and they were at odds with the Faithful, the other half of the population. Eventually the two sides went to war. Most of the masters of the Conclave of Earth were called up to do battle. These poor souls in the great dome stayed behind. They waited for their masters to return even to this day. Sukkamet was the last remaining master of the Covenant. When the adventurers arrived he actually thought they were the masters returned to raise him and his followers up to their rightful place on the surface.

The adventurers actually learned the name of a powerful being from the War before the World. They learned the Covenant worshipped a Primordial, an ancient enemy of the Legendary Heroes, by the name of Vathros’Zal. It seemed to them that this branch of the Arcanists was trying to summon the Primordial back to the Natural World.

Upon their return to Skulldrop, the adventurers went to report their findings and claim their reward for the deeds they had done for AEHG. Instead they found the AEHG liaison, Tavelina, skinned and hung above the mantle in the main sitting room. The people they had been talking to were agents of the deity, Vecna. They were part of the Order of Vecna. What claim did the Vecna followers have in this? How did they get involved? Certainly the organization has the strength to launch its own expedition into the ruins of the Conclave.

Whether the adventurers know it or not, they did come out of the ruins with a priceless treasure. They were able to piece together a book which held some interesting prophecies regarding the world, the heavens, and the Age of Destiny.

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