Current Events

Life in Eridus has changed, there is no question about that, but it has returned to a semblance of normalcy. Lords from different provinces were put in charge, ones that the High Lord could trust anyway, ones that would cause no trouble and govern their lands by the laws of the Empire. People are allowed to work and make a living, even own businesses, as long as they pay tribute to and live under the rules of the Empire. Commerce is growing and the trade routes are seeing travelers once again. The lands of Eridus are even showing signs of new sciences as they are called. Machines that grind wheat, waterways that pump water throughout the big cities from underground; these are just a few new technologies popping up around the islands. Change is on the horizon.

In recent years people started seeing less and less of the Imperial Guard. People say they have seen the Imperial Ships leaving the harbors; it's more than just a rumor. Over the last few years, possibly a half a decade, the soldiers of the Empire have been slowly leaving Eridus. The Empire's military leaders have marched off to the north and sailed, even their lords have moved out. Today there are no more ships on the coast of Eridus, the Empire has nearly vanished. Only a few high ranking officials, governing lords, and the High Lord himself have remained on the island. They still hold power and they hold it with an iron grip; although, the iron is rusting, decaying, withering.

With so much of the Empire gone from the Islands, the Hyperians feel that now is the time to strike and take back their lands. A new problem has risen preventing this very thing. The land of Hyperia is at odds as to who should take the throne from the Empire and be the new King of Eridus. Several houses are laying claim to the throne. These political arguments have turned into feuds between the families. The once proud land of the Hyperians is now segmented between three houses, and on the verge of civil war. The House of Haetheryn now rules Hyperia from the Capitol city of Hikiran and is still the largest of the houses. House Hyrkhan rules the lands of Hyranbar from the Capitol city of Bazarel. The small House of Ketonen rules Hykorras from the city of Thurkor. The Hyperians now fight a political battle, each of the three main houses vying for allies from the smaller houses.

With the Hyperians fighting amongst themselves the Auristians are fighting to get the people on their side once again. Although they know they can do nothing against the Empire without the military might of the Hyperians, instead they spread rumors of abandonment by the Hyperians. When the people need them the most they stay on their island, seemingly worried about themselves instead of Eridus.

IN addition to not having the military might of the Hyperians, it seems the arcane might of the Elusians has gone missing. Only a few years ago, the island of Aeruthus was rejecting travelers and the School of Time's Knowledge was no longer taking students. There has been no word from the Elusians of Aeruthus in quite a few years.

The present day of Eridus is filled with mystery and uncertainty. The Empire still rules the Islands, albeit loosely. More and more people are now carrying weapons and arming themselves. Adventurers are uncommon but their numbers grow steadily. Trouble can be found from the goblinoids and the gnoll tribes, the new cult known as the Sons of Awlidan, the new Church of Oblivion, and other groups. The laws are still enforced, people still pay tribute to the High Lord, and the wrath of the Empire in Eridus is still feared. The High Lord Atilis is still a seasoned veteran and so are his subordinates.

As time passes, more and more of the Empire recedes back into the Castle of Central Eridus. Very few provinces still confiscate weapons and arms and most of the laws today are enforced by the local watch or guard. Eridus' future is filled with uncertainty. New adventurers are seen traveling the roads, mercenaries for hire or those seeking fame and fortune. Will they have a role to play in the events unfolding around Eridus? How long before the troubles around the world grab hold of the Islands and pull them into their conflicts? Will Eridus have its defenders, or will it fall once again as it did to the Empire? The Saga continues with the Eridus Isles and only time will tell what part they will play in the Age of Destiny.

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