• Player: James Hickey Jr
  • Race: Githzerai
  • Class: Bloodbond Seeker
  • Level: 1st
  • Homeland: Zurauth
  • Age:35

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: None
Armor: None
Neck: None
Arms: None
Head: None


Dakkayn has yellowish skin on his chest and abdomen that darkens to a deep green on his back. The green coloration in his skin is fading, dulling, especially around the face. This is evidence of his middle age, being 35. His eyes are rimmed in a dark green which gives him the look of empty sockets when he closes his eyes. He shaves his head bald and keeps a trident-style beard that comes to a point a couple inches below his chin.


Dakkayn is quiet, speaking only when necessary. He chooses his words wisely and only speaks as much as he needs to. He will protect his comrades and friends with his last breath, while watching the blood of his enemies run like rivers and streams. Some might mistake his movements as slow, or maybe even clumsy, but when he is idle even his movements are chosen carefully and wisely. He rarely ever smiles. Dakkayn believes that evil is a trait that is chosen by the individual. He can give no mercy to those who choose to do the dispicable things he has seen.


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Wish List


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