Deogols Letter

The attack you will be doing is very important to the success of this plan. You might say your involvement will be the most important part of the plan. You will be hurting the guards greatly, diminishing the forces around the Fort. You and your tribe are very important and I do not wish to waste such a valuable asset to us. You will strike a mighty blow to the Fort and get us ready for Phase 2. This is why it is important that you work WITH the Rageclaw hobgoblin warband. They will make a second sweep through the Fort destroying any defenses that might be left over from your assault. We do not have the time or the resources to make another portal. Yours is the only one that leads into the Fort at this time. We need to send the hobgoblins to you and we need your cooperation in letting them use the portal. Fighting amongst ourselves will not help us complete our plans. Remember, in order for us to help you, you must help us. The hobgoblins must go through your portal.

Avatar Deogol

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