These strange humanoids have a history that does not belong to Eridus, or anywhere on Awlidan for that matter. Devas were first discovered around the last decade of the Age of Silence, somewhere between 985 and 990 AS. There is no evidence of these beings in the world before that time. Their appearance was abrupt, with births happening around the globe. It was as if it was written that their arrival would happen at a specific time.

The deva did not travel to the natural world from another and they have no specific origins in any other place. They are not travelers and contrary to popular belief they are not half-breeds. A deva’s origin begins long before his mortal birth. These beings were once servants of the Immortal Heroes. Immortal themselves they knew not the concept of aging or consumption for survival. They knew only their loyalty and devotion to their deity and their obedience was unquestionable.

The gods told them of an important task they must do but gave them no specifics. Once again their obedience was assured and they immediately stepped forward for their orders. Those orders never came. These servants of the gods now found themselves born into mortal flesh, born into a task not yet revealed.

It is not the place for a deva to question her patron deity. Their duty is to walk the world as a mortal, awaiting the task the gods have set for them. Until the reason of this incarnation becomes clear they must do as mortals do, live their lives as devoted followers of the Immortal Heroes.


Devas have no homeland of their own. They were reincarnated as mortals and have appeared throughout the world of Awlidan. Because of this, the location of their birth was no clue of the task they await. Since the dawn of their awakening, devas have worked toward furthering the goals of the divine good.

Devas seek out the purpose of their incarnation or reincarnation as they move through their lives waiting for their divine task. Knowing that when the time comes they will be where the gods need them to be. Many become traveling mercenaries or adventurers in search of the task they were born for, the task that was so important or so secret they were given no knowledge of.

Devas have never had an empire, they haven’t been on Awlidan long enough for such an endeavor. They have always been servants, furthering the cause of good. Their homeland is undefined on Awlidan, or maybe it is all of Awlidan.


Devas are strange and enigmatic to the common races. They are the youngest race. The common folk of the world do not know what to think of these newcomers. Regardless of what people think of the deva, their stories are surrounded in honor and virtue. It is becoming common knowledge that they do the bidding of the good gods and follow the ways of the Heroes of Light. They typically have good relations with all of the common races and are received well by all lands.

NEW ARRIVALS (Racial Errata)

The description here supersedes the intro in the PHB2. There are not many changes, only background information. Devas have only just arrived on Awlidan, they are the newest race to appear in the world. Their incarnation as Devas has only just begun near the end of the last Age. No Deva has actually been around long enough to die of old age, though those that have died an untimely death has gained a new incarnation somewhere else in the world.

The Deva’s racial power depends on their flashbacks of previous lives. None of the game statistics on the deva are being changed, nor the power. The flashbacks and memories for the power to work include tidbits of their existence as immortal beings in service of the good gods.

Devas know they have been reincarnated in mortal form for something special, an event they are to be part of. Unfortunately that is all they know. Their task is to simply live as mortals until they see the signs of their true purpose.

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