Dm Errata

As usual I have my own way of thinking how certain things should be done. Most of you know me and there are simply those rules that I don't like or do not believe are fair or possibly grants too much power to the user. Those of you that have played in my previous games know that I try to be fair and I will not take a rule out of the game without giving it a lot of thought and consideration. Please remember though, I like a touch of realism with my ton of fantasy.

This page will have all my changes to the rules that I deem necessary. I will not add any errata from Wizards, that can have its own page or given a discussion in the Forums (hmm… doesn't sound like a bad idea). Each item below will have its own page describing the changes I have made.

The DM Errata will also be for those subjects I have to rule on because they are too abstract or just plain haven't come up for them to be in the rule books.

If there is anything you would like me to consider or look over, please add it to the Forum so we can discuss it.

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