• Player: Josh Smith
  • Race: Goliath
  • Class: Barbarian
  • Level: 14th
  • Homeland: Jehgaran
  • Age: Adult

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Challenger Greataxe +3
Armor: Dragontalon Hide Armor +1
Neck: Amulet of Protection +3
Waist: Belt of Endurance
Head: Golden Helmet of Bedpan Tranmorgification

A tall Goliath with light grey skin (darker around the eyes and neck) and long black hair tied into a haphazard pony tail. He wears armor that appears to be made from some kind of lizard's hide. It's a mishmash of browns, greys, and oranges. His weapon, which he usually carries on his back on a simple steel ring, is a large axe with a dark head. Donner never cleans the blood off of the blade, but this hasn't seemed to contribute to any dulling.

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