Dragonborn were created for battle and warfare. There enemy was bred into them since the beginning. During the Age of Man the Dragon Queen known as Tiamat created a new species of terror. Using her own blood the mistress of the chromatic dragons gave birth to the hateful creatures known as Dragonspawn.

The lord of metallic dragons could not allow the fowl Dragon Queen to succeed in terrorizing the mortal realm. From the blood of the most noble of dragons, Lord Bahamut, came the race of humanoid dragonkind, Dragonborn. With the blood of dragons running in their veins they possessed a spirit few other races have. They have pride as do all dragonkind, but they covet honor above all else.

The children of Bahamut were given a will of their own. Even though they were bred to be honorable, and to defend the people of the world from their archenemies, like all sentient beings on the planet they can make their own choices. Some dragonborn succumb to another heritage of their blood, greed and self importance. These dragonborn turn to evil like their cousins and are seen as traitors to their own creation. It is the worst kind of sin in a dragonborn’s eyes, to have a kinsman turn against them. They are seen as the very dragonspawn they hunt and are treated the same, if not with a bit more fervor. These traitors are hunted with the utmost urgency, the punishment for their crime being death.

The dragonborn were created to fight the evil spawn of Tiamat and are especially capable melee combatants. They take great pride in their fighting prowess, be it sword and shield, the bow, or even magic of all types. They are confident in their abilities and take pleasure in meeting every challenge with courage and honor.


Dragonborn have never had a home to call their own. Throughout the last two ages dragonborn have defended mankind from the spawn of Tiamat. With honor and courage they battle their enemies even to the current day. The noble dragonkind have been known to band together to fight a common foe or defeat a more powerful enemy, but that is the extent of their gathering.

With the blood of dragons, they share in some of their cousins instincts. They are mostly solitary hunters or mercenaries, sometimes joining other likeminded travelers and defenders of justice. There are no stories written of dragonborn societies or empires, none raised or fallen. Nor are there any known settlements devoted largely to the dragonborn. They are constantly in motion, keeping a vigilant watch for the plans and schemes of their enemy.


The children of Bahamut are honorable to a fault, and most are just as kind hearted. This is reflected in their acceptance by the other races of Awlidan. The dragonborn have built a reputation for their lawful nature and righteousness. In good societies they are respected and treated as friendly travelers. In unaligned societies they are at least seen as honest folk and are not treated any different than anyone else. Some may even see dragonborn as an omen of good things to come. In the darker societies around the world they are typically seen as strangers, intruders, and even troublemakers. All-in-all the dragonborn as a race is accepted throughout the world.


Dragonborn were created in a very similar way as the metallic dragons of the world. They typically share the blood of one type of their cousins. This gives them similar characteristics of the dragon they are modeled after. The most visible and easiest characteristic to identify is the hue of their skin and scales.

  • Brass dragonborn have mottled brown to burnished brass scales. Their breath weapon is a cloud of poisonous gas.
  • Bronze dragonborn have yellowish-green to rich bronze scales. Their breath weapon is a blast of lightning.
  • Copper dragonborn have ruddy brown scales to a soft, glossy coppery hide. Their breath weapon is an area of acidic spittle.
  • A gold dragonborn’s scales range from a bright yellow to a shiny metallic gold hue. Their breath weapon is a cone of fire.
  • The scales of a silver dragonborn range from a bluish-gray tint to a bright silvery color. Their breath weapon is a cloud of freezing mist.
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