Drakkhorn is one of the most crime infested regions of all Eridus. Many of the provinces and lands around Eridus are dangerous because of their untamed wilds. The inhabitants of Drakkhorn are the untamed predators of these lands. There is a large population of humans here but they mix with tiefling witches, elven hunters that prey on humans, and even some mercenary dwarves and goliaths. Traitorous dragonborn are rare but not unheard of in these parts. Even some of the under-races like goblinoids and kobolds freely roam the province.

Drakkhorn is located in the southern portion of Eridus. It is one of the only three provinces to claim this land. It is the western province and argumentatively the largest of Southern Eridus; if you count the mountains. Drakkhorn has a wide variety of terrain within its borders giving it high trade potential for many different products.


  • +1 bonus to Dexterity
  • Add Draconic to your list of known languages
  • You may add Stealth and Thievery to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 bonus to all Stealth and Thievery checks

Province Society

Drakkhorn is built around a society of lawlessness. The laws of the province are thievery, murder, slavery, and banditry. Most of the lords in Drakkhorn are Auristians and they openly support the stronger and the richest in the land. The Lords are more malicious and dangerous than the citizens. It is quite common for one of the Auristian lords to hire an assassin to get rid of a rival or a potential problem.

The people of Drakkhorn show their temperament openly. They are highly aggressive and not afraid to attack passersby and leave them dead or dying in the street. Many shop keepers bully customers into paying too much for an item, and nearly everyone carries a weapon of some sort, somewhere. Business continues like any other place around Eridus, it’s just a dangerous place to do it.

Drakkhorn is an uncontrolled cesspool of everything that is wrong about a society. The lords control most of the guilds and hold sway with at least one of the gangs sometimes two or three. They keep the Empire well paid so they stay away and don’t become involved. The local watch is paid off and won’t intervene without consent from one of the lords. Drakkhorn is a dark, rundown province waiting to explode or consume itself.


Drakkhorn is home to many types of terrain. To the north at the edge of the Canal is vast jungle woodland. Below that is a central spot of plains, and south of that is rough, hilly terrain. To the east, near the border, is wet, swampy territory. This is the beginning of the Sheervine Marsh.

The western edge is its most dangerous terrain. Heading out west from the rest of the province are three points of mountain ranges. These three points make up the Wyrm Claw Mountains. These mountains are well known for their dragonkind inhabitants.

The Canal: Like several other provinces, the Eridus Canal makes up one of the borders of Drakkhorn. The province is connected to the Canal by its northern border. Unlike the other provinces, Drakkhorn is well known for its dark dealings and therefore gains very little trade from travelers of the Canal.

Drakkhorn Hills: These hills are located on the southern shore of the province. They extend all the way across the coast nearly to the eastern border. The hills are rough for traveling but have some vegetation and water. Many of the underraces and enemies of the province call this place home.

Furywater Lake: Furywater Lake is located in the center near the eastern border of the province. The lake provides water to most of the settlements of the province, but its mysterious background prevents anyone from fishing its waters. The surface of the water is constantly giving off a misty fog. The water is always warm to the touch. On particularly hot days, the water appears to be boiling. Sages believe the lake harbors a great dragon at the bottom; they believe the dragon sleeps an endless slumber. The fact of the beast being in a quiet slumber is contradicted by a large creature seen moving around in the lake. Of course, these are all just rumors and speculations.

Jungle of Roaming Vines: The jungle covers a good portion of land to the north of the province. It begins at the Canal and goes southward to the northern shore of the lake. Eye witnesses say the jungle moves from time to time. Not only have people seen whole trees get up and move, other plants have been seen to move as well. Bushes, vines, and clumps of vegetation all seem to have a mind of their own. So far they have been benevolent, moving away from travelers and other humanoid life.

Ragestorm Plains: The Ragestorm Plains is a pocket of flat grasslands in the southern portion of the province. The grassland is almost unlivable. The grass and other vegetation seem to be dying from an unknown illness, and doesn’t provide the nourishment needed to support a herd. In some areas the ground appears scorched, as if burned recently, but grass grows from it as if it happened months before. In most areas the ground is hard, difficult to till, making farming all but impossible. If that is not enough, the weather patterns are chaotic at best. These plains are known as storm country. Lightning storms, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes are quite common through this stretch of land.

Sheervine Marsh: Sheervine Marsh is a large, wet, swampland that covers the southern most point of Southern Eridus. A small portion of this marsh covers the eastern border of Drakkhorn and even that little bit is a dangerous addition to an already malicious province.

Wyrm Claw Mountains: This is the most dangerous of the terrain in Drakkhorn. These mountain ranges are actually three points of land jutting out west from the main body of the province. Each portion of the mountain range is said to have several dragons of various sizes making their lair in the peaks. There have actually been some sightings of a few metallic dragons flying among the heights as well. It is not confirmed that they actually lair within the Wyrm Claw Peaks.

Province Features

Drakkhorn is a densely populated province and the people here pay for the privilege to settle these lands. Like all the other lands of the Eridus Isles, a tribute is given to the Empire to keep them at bay. The people of Drakkhorn have bigger, more immediate threats to worry about as well. This is dragon country and some settlements must pay a tribute to a local wyrm to stay safe.

Oldraynn [Large Walled City: 14,800]: Oldraynn is the center for all the corruption in Drakkhorn. There are five lords that control everything, with the city being segregated between them. Surprisingly they are not all Auristians. Rumor is that at least one of them is a Hyperian. The lords control the city from behind the lines, hiding in the dark; most people don’t even know who they are. One of the lords refuses to hide, his dealings being out in the open. Venrane of Spyre is the most powerful of the lords, controlling the center district.

Oldraynn has walls separating the five different districts controlled by the lords of the city. The city is full of violence with gangs owned by the lords terrorizing the innocent, if anyone in this city can be considered innocent. Travelers have been known to disappear within the city, never to be seen again.

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