The dwarves of Eridus were once great and noble rulers of the highlands. Their clan holds went deep below the earth and many of the mountain ranges throughout the islands were claimed by at least one clan. Today many of those clans have disappeared and their clan holds are filled with rubble and decaying tunnels. The reason for their demise is lost to history and fading from memory. Strangely, documentation and historic writings do not mention the cause of such a catastrophe.

Even though the dwarven population went through a terrible change sometime in the early years of the Age of Silence, they are still one of the more common races throughout Eridus. Many estranged dwarves took up residence in human settlements, becoming well known smiths and craftsman. Dwarves are also known as soldiers and adventurers, and even on rare occasions, traveling merchants.


Very few clans remain in Eridus and clan holds are confined to a single location among the islands. The remaining clans of dwarves found on Eridus are located on Jerhelheim Island. It is considered the dwarf island and even though just about all the common races can be found in residence there, the majority of the population is dwarven.

The island is split into two territories. Like the mainland of Eridus they could be seen as Principalities if the dwarves recognized such human borders. Though the Empire has taken the islands of Eridus, the dwarves will not see their holds as conquered. Jehgaran is the larger of the two territories but much of the terrain is hill and mountain, which is controlled by the giant clans, some evil humanoid races, and other creatures claiming territory in the highlands. The lowlands are covered in forest with a few settlements inhabited by the common races. The city of Stoneforge is commonly known as the dwarven capitol city of Jehgaran even though the clan hold is actually under the city. Stoneforge is actually the city of the Garzanth, or Goliaths.

Jeranhall is the southern most territory on the island and is largely inhabited by humans. Though there are still a large number of dwarves that call the human settlements home, most of the dwarven population live in their great cities under ground. The peaks of Jeranhall cover less area than the Garandust Mountains but they are no less dangerous. Some may say they are even more dangerous than the highlands of Jehgaran. A great and powerful darkness is growing in the Jehgan Mountains; it draws other enemies of the common races to it. Rumors say even elemental enemies roam the mountain peaks. Some describe this rising evil as plans of an Elemental Titan of ancient power, others say it is a group of giant lords, either one spells trouble for Jerhelheim and its people.


The exact number of clans beneath the earth of Jerhelheim is impossible to know. Some of the dwarven clans live deep beneath the surface, deciding to lock them away from the outside world. Here are a few of the more popular and well known dwarven clans:

HAMMERGUARD [JEHGARAN CLAN]: Hammerguard is the oldest known clan to exist in Eridus. They are also the largest clan on Jerhelheim, located in the Garandust Mountains north of Stoneforge. The dwarves of Hammerguard are the guardians of the gateway to the Jarhennian Caves or the Blazing Caverns. These caverns house the ancient forge that legend says Mordinen’s own hammer was forged from the adamantine deposits rumored to be buried there.

BLADESTONE [JARENHALL CLAN]: The largest clan of Jarenhall, though smaller than Hammerguard, these dwarves are the first arm of defense against the forces of the Jehgan Mountains and the evil that is growing there.

STONEFORGE [JEHGARAN CLAN]: Stoneforge is the most common dwarven clan on Jerhelheim, known for the city of Stoneforge, home of both dwarves and goliaths. The giants of Garandust nearly infiltrated the home of the Stoneforge until the mysterious goliaths came and aided them. The two races have lived in harmony within the walls of Stoneforge ever since.

IRONDEEP [JEHGARAN CLAN]: The Irondeep clan is located deep in the Garandust Mountains and has warred with the giant clans there for centuries. The clan is large and very strong though their numbers shrink with every conflict with the giants.

THORNSTEEL VALLEY [JARENHALL CLAN]: One of the deep clans of the highlands found far under the Redlake Hills. Thornsteel Valley is known as some of the richest mines among the dwarves. Not the largest clan by far but their forges and their mines are legendary.

BLACKSTEEL [JARENHALL CLAN]: A small clan that raises arms against Hammerguard. The Blacksteel clan lay claim to the Blazing Caverns and claim the Hammerguard dwarves drove them out with their overwhelming numbers.

HELMSHIELD [JARENHALL CLAN]: The Helmshield clan is a rival clan to the Bladestones. The two clans are at constant odds and can rarely agree on the color of the sky. The Helmshield clan claim to be the saviors of the island, when the darkness finally descends from the mountains.

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