Dyran is a community unto itself and could almost be seen as its own government. The inhabitants of Dyran have never sworn fealty to any of the kings in Eridus’ history. They do not consider themselves a part of the Eridus Kingdom. They have the same feeling for the Empire, unfortunately they must abide by the rules and they pay homage to the Emperor, if nothing else but to keep the Empire off their doorstep. Like many others, they pay tribute to the Empire to keep them at away.

The province of Dyran is located on the island of Dyrathan. It covers the northern half of the island, sharing it with only one other province. The province itself is cut into two different terrain types. The northern half is covered with a light, mountainous terrain, while the southern half is large open plains.


  • +1 bonus to Wisdom
  • You may add Insight to your class skill list
  • Gain a +2 bonus to all Insight checks
  • Gain a +2 bonus to Saving Throws against Fear effects

Province Society

Dyranian society is a rather lonely one. The people that now inhabit this island have been here ever since the beginning. When the other settlers sailed to the main island, the Dyranian people sailed on to find a home of their own. They did not trust the Xynthians and their promise of a new world, and when they arrived they wanted nothing to do with the inhabitants of the mainland.

They are a strong willed people and fought hard for their place in Eridus. The people of Dyran have lived here for generations. Very few of their numbers have ever seen the mainland, let alone any of the surrounding islands. They do not care for travelers and do not trade with anyone beyond their own boundaries. Those who leave the island are rarely welcomed back.

Dyran is untouched by the typical politics of the surrounding lands. They do not fight for land, nor do they conspire for political dominance. Their settlements have a leader, or Mayor, that is decided upon by the surrounding land owners. You might say that the Mayor of a town or city is voted in, but the citizens of Dyran don’t look at it that way. Dyran has no known Governor.

Business is conducted through open meetings based on the severity of the business at hand. Local business is done through open hall meetings where any land owner can sit in and state his side of the current agenda. A non-land owner has no voice within the committee meeting hall. State business is deliberated in Heirus. Only a select few is allowed to attend these special meetings. Mayors are the voice of their community and have their seats on the deliberating council. Other seats are filled by military leaders, captains of the guard, and any guild leader that wishes to have a say in the current agenda. These meetings are only held for agendas that affect the entire province.

Dyran is a close nit family community that spans the entire province. They do not care about outside business and prefer to keep their business private. They are friendly people but tend not to trust outsiders, if they are even allowed past the port settlements. They believe the politics of outsiders are destroying their nomadic culture. The politics of the other provinces are slowly changing them into that which they came here to get away from.


Dyran is a rather large province with a lot of space to settle. Unfortunately, half of the province is made up of a large mountain range. The southern half of the province is grassland, almost flat from coast to coast.

Dyrathian Peaks: These Mountains cover the northern half of the province. They are not as dense as other areas found around Eridus. In fact they are quite light in respects to the difficulty of the terrain itself. In respects to other rough terrain, traveling is not as difficult as one might think. There are plenty of paths found in the Peaks for traveling and its caves are plentiful for protection and rest.

Myradda Plains: The Myradda Plains cover the territory between the Dyrathian Peaks and the border of Melaharen. It is mostly flatland making it a good spot for farming of all kinds. It is also home of the largest herd of elephants found anywhere in Eridus. The people of Dyran named them the Myradda herd, meaning “Land Gods” and named the plains after them. This herd of elephants is sacred to the Dyranians and protected by their laws.

Myr Lake: Myr Lake is a good source of water and food for Dyran. In the ancient language, it is known as “Lake of the Gods” or “Water of the Gods.” It is said to have mystical powers but this is only a local legend. Even so, families from all over Dyran bring their new born babes here to be cleansed and blessed by the Water of the Gods.

Province Features

Dyran is populated by a number of settlements spread out from the plains up to the very tip of the mountain range. Regardless of where they live, all the inhabitants of Dyran live by the same close family principal. They believe if they stay close and stay together, depend on each other, they will prevail where others have failed. It is very difficult to find an individual in the plains that doesn’t at least recognize the names of the families that live up in the mountains.

Garild [Large Walled City: 24,928]: Garild is the major resource city for all of Dyran. It is a large mining community. It houses several different guilds, each based around a specific mineral deposit coming out of the mountains. It is also built at the tip of the Dyrath River which leads out into the Serpent’s Bay. The river allows for easy travel to many of the mining camps that are setup along its banks. Garild is the single largest source of commerce throughout Dyran.

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