Ed S Fury Warrior

The fury warrior specializes in wielding two weapons and typically uses the offensive bezerk stance. The bloodthirst ability granted by the spec is a high damage attack that should be used often in your rotation. In situations with more than one enemy you should used as often as possible allowing you to do high damage to 2 mobs at a time(3 with the cleave glyph). When there is more than 2 or 3 also work in whirlwind whenever it is up.

Power Rundown:
Bloodthirst: A high damage attack that allows for small amounts of healing from following attacks. The healing is pretty trivial and won't make much difference in fights but this is a rather high damaging attack for 20 rage with a quick cooldown, use often.

Death Wish: Enrages you to give you a 20% damage bonus at the expense of taking 5% more damage, lasts 30 sec with a 3 minute cooldown. When in dungeons with a good tank this should be used often, but make sure to have it available for boss fights.



Helpfull Macros:

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