The eladrin is another race that is relatively new to Awlidan. They are cousins to the elves but they are not native to this world. Eladrin have many of the physical features that an elf has, and thus most commoners cannot even tell the difference. When they notice their bright eyes they just naturally assume that all elves have those same types of eyes. Most people do not even know the eladrin exist or walk among us.

Even though there are a good number of eladrin living here on Awlidan, and throughout Eridus when one knows where to look for them, they are actually native to the [[Feywild]]. There are those eladrin that come here intrigued to learn more about this strange world dominated by the human population. Others even come here for the adventure, the opportunities of otherworldly knowledge, or even for the trade possibilities. But for most, there is another reason.

The eladrin as a whole believe they descended from an immortal race known as the Eldar. It is believed that this race was the first humanoid species to populate the Feywild. According to eladrin legend, the Eldar race was slowly becoming extinct. More and more as time went on; eldar children were being born mortal. They left the Feywild for other lands, but not before leaving behind a new legacy, something of a remembrance, the eladrin people.

The eladrin are now in search of these immortal beings, their ancestors. The eladrin’s discovery of Awlidan was not written in any of the history books, so it is hard to say when they first arrived. It was a pleasant surprise to them, coming to this new world and finding the long lived race of elves. They found yet another descended species from the eldar blood. This discovery has brought the eladrin back to Awlidan time and time again. It is a clue that cannot be ignored.


To the eladrin, the Feywild will always be their home. This could be the reason they have never attempted a permanent settlement of their own here on Awlidan. They can be found throughout Eridus and the rest of the world, but they have no lands of their own. The eladrin have never inhabited a settlement of their own, nor created empires. They have settled among the other common races but mostly as individuals. Seen mostly as elves, they are counted as one of the common races of the world.

The eladrin people are found within all types of settlements. They can be found in small hamlets are the largest of cities. They also frequent any of the common race settlements from dwarf to human or any in between. To them their purpose is a clear one, to find answers about the Eldar. For this reason the eladrin are most commonly found in parts of settlements that have the most elves. In Eridus, a large number of eladrin have been seen inhabiting the island of Ashani. This should come as no surprise since it is the homeland of the elves. There are also documentation of eladrin born on Awlidan, but even these eladrin call the Feywild their home; even those that have never seen it.


Eladrin could be defined as adventurers by nature, giving their purpose for traveling the barriers between worlds. Except not all eladrin come to Awlidan for the purpose of researching the Eldar, or even learning more about their cousins the elves. Each eladrin that comes to this world has there own purpose in mind.

The typical eladrin is adventurous, kind hearted, noble to a fault, and even a bit curious. They hold themselves in high regard and many look upon the inhabitants of Awlidan as children. Some even view the elven race as younger siblings. Others view this world as an opportunity for strife and self indulgence. Some of these dark hearted eladrin see the mankind as a plague on the world, destroying the Heart of Nature. These eladrin are in constant conflict with the other common races and possibly join forces with the darker races of Awlidan.

The common public rarely distinguishes eladrin from elf. Because of this the eladrin people are accepted as much as elves are in each individual settlement.

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