Elves were one of the first races to walk the land of Awlidan. Along with the dwarves and gnomes, they were known as the Firstborn, given long life and a love for the land, each in their own way. Elves have seen many ages and have been known by many different names. Over the years elves became as diverse as the names they took.

High elves became close to mankind, tried to teach them to embrace nature. Instead the high elves adopted more of man’s way of living. Gray elves saw themselves as a superior race, what all elves should be. They believed themselves higher even than the other breed of elves, and they despised mankind for their destruction of nature. Wild elves stayed to themselves, living in the deeper, darker parts of the forest and jungles. They slowly became a more innocent version of elf. There are many more types of elves, including dark elves, sun elves, and even moon elves. Elves of Eridus are somewhere between high elves and wild elves. Something brought them all together as one race.


Elves can be found throughout Awlidan, including Eridus and its islands. Elves are one of the common races of Eridus and are seen throughout its borders. They are seen in nearly every settlement, as both travelers and citizens. Many an elf feels the draw of commerce and trade, taking up residence in a foreign city, town, or village.

Though elves are common throughout Eridus and are known to live all over her lands, the elves know they only have one true home. Elves live in human cities, travel the principalities and can even be found in dwarven lands, though rarely. Still, they recognize these islands as the home of man, not elf. Even the forests do not call to the elves. Elves believe the land of Eridus and most of its surrounding islands are tainted by something they cannot describe. Their only answer to the question is, “It just feels wrong, the land itself feels… worn.”

The true elven land of Eridus is one of the moderate outlying islands. The island of Nature’s Harmony, Ashani, is home to the elves and the elves only. Here men fear to tread and rarely do they do so uninvited and without permission. The elves protect this land with their very lives. They conduct common trade with the other races on their shore settlements, but none is allowed to leave the confines of those settlements. At the very least open traveling is not allowed without permission from the elven lords, and even then travelers are usually accompanied by a guide. The deep forests of the elven lords are wilderness the other races have never seen. They are not welcome and trespassers are dealt with harshly.

The elves believe mankind has corrupted the lands of Eridus, even before the Empire came. The elven lords of Ashani refuse to allow the humans to infest their lands and destroy what they have sworn to protect. They believe their island is pure and untainted, and they intend to keep it that way.


Deep within the forests of Ashani, hidden from all but the oldest of elves, is the Council of the Harvest Sun. Seven elves from seven different families sit on the Council. They are the oldest and the wisest of the Eridus elves, by right and by law they were given the power to guide the elven race through this new Age. The Council makes all the decisions on visitors, expansion, trade, and diplomacy with the other races.

Aedranadaer (Male Aristocrat) Lord of House Eleandoor is trying to reunite the elves of Ashani with the rest of Eridus. So far his efforts have been in vein.

Luscianas (Male Hunter) High Lord of House Athrodael had most of his family killed during the catastrophe that drove the elves from the mainland. He holds a deep hatred for humans. Since his introduction into the Council he has fought against Aedranadaer in allowing other races access to Ashani. Luscianas is one of the Watchers of Asymier, a hunting group dedicated to keeping intruders out of the Ashani jungles, by force if necessary.

Keyleth (Female Priest) First Lady of House Milythmeer is a sympathizer for the human predicament. They are short lived and the largest portion of the human population never gets a chance to make a mark on the world and is rarely remembered. Their childish behavior and destructive ways derives from their extremely shortened lifespan.

Thiadara (Female Aristocrat) Mistress of House Solisteen is young compared to the other elves around her and is new to the Council. She rarely makes quick decisions and always has a retinue of advisors at her side. It is rumored that she is being manipulated by other members of her House, or possibly another House altogether. Nothing has been substantiated.

Gennalian (Male Archmage) is very old, very wise, and cares very little for what the Council does or decides to do. He is rarely seen at Council functions and is seen the least of every other Council member. Gennalian is a descendant of an ancient elven family and wants little to do with politics. He is a powerful user of the arcane arts and it is his single obsession. His family has long since passed on and only he remains. He is the last of his family and will sit on the Council until he passes.

Rolenare (Male Warrior) Lord of House Rethlynn has been a defender of the elven people and their traditions his whole life, as his family has been since it was started millennia ago. He is no politician so his decisions are based on the defense of the island and nothing else.

Varis (Male Aristocrat) Master of House Tyrelmeir is the newest member of the Council. Very little is known publicly about Varis but the House of Tyrelmeir is a large supporter in favor of the elves returning to Eridus.

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