The island of Elsenmoor, another of Eridus’s many small islands surrounding her borders, is a small island in the southern sea. It is more like a group of mountains and rough terrain jutting out of the ocean. There isn’t a bit of flatland on the whole island and there isn’t much vegetation to speak of. Still, it has drawn settlers to its shores.

Elsenmoor is an island to the south of Eridus between Aerthrall Island and Cutmurk Island. It is an island of rough hills, rocky outcroppings, and small mountains. Slightly north of the center of the island is a single large mountain rising above all other peaks, high into the air. This is Mount Megamechanus.


  • +1 bonus to Intelligence
  • Add Dwarven to your list of known languages
  • Add Goblin to your list of known languages
  • Gain resist 2 acid (or existing resistance increases by 2), at 11th level resistance improves to resist 3 (or increase by 3), and at 21st level resistance improves to resist 5 (or increase by 5)
  • Add the higher of your Intelligence score or your Constitution score to your starting hit points (instead of automatically adding your Constitution score). Your number of healing surges is still based on your Constitution score.

Elsenmoor Society

There are many types of settlers on this island, sharing it in peace. The island is also known for a specific inhabitant. This is the home of the gnomes. Like the dwarves, they build their homes and their cities underground. Here they have but one home city, Megamechanus.

Gnomes can be found throughout Eridus, but you won’t find them collectively living in too many places. No matter where a gnome is found, they will tell you they only have one home, Mount Megamechanus. They sometimes travel in search of their life work, which can be anything from crafting something to designing something to proving something. It is completely the choice of the individual gnome.

There are two cities found above ground on the island. These settlements are mostly filled with humans or other common races. You will even find a gnome tinkerer or smith making their living in them. The gnomes long since learned how to deal with settlers on their island. They frequently trade with the cities above ground and visit them often. In fact, they are the architects for much of the structures found in these settlements. Since there is no wood available on the island, the houses and other structures had to be made of clay and rock. This is where the gnomes excel.

The two social and racially different groups trade freely and help each other to thrive. The humans have fervor for working and expanding their territory. The gnomes have a great deal of technology at their disposal. It makes for a special bond between the two and keeps them working together.


Elsenmoor is a long island but not very wide. Its entire surface is covered in rocky terrain; hills mostly, with a small range of mountains along the center of the island. Mount Megamechanus is located slightly north of the center. There is very little vegetation at all. Actually, only small patches of vegetation can be found throughout the hills. Most of these areas are used for gardens and growing small crops. It is only enough to keep the locals in a modest amount of food to help with their meals.

Peaks of Elsenmoor: The Peaks of Elsenmoor is a small mountain range through the center of the island. It begins around the area of Mount Megamechanus and stretches down to the Bottom of the Mountain Lake. These mountains are inhabited by more than just gnomes. There are ogres, trolls, and even a few giants roaming the terrain but not in large numbers, and generally nothing bigger than a hill giant. Still, all these races take pleasure in the hunting, skinning, and eating of gnomish flesh.

Island Features

Elsenmoor is sparsely populated in comparison to other racial islands. Without much vegetation it doesn’t draw many immigrants. Since the main inhabitants of the island live mostly underground, that doesn’t seem to be a problem. Living with the gnomes of Mount Megamechanus is a couple of human communities.

Mount Megamechanus [Large City (Underground): 20,015]: Megamechanus is a largely populated gnomish community. Like their dwarven cousins, their city is built underground, under the largest mountain in the Elsenmoor range. Megamechanus is a deep hole under the mountain that descends hundreds of feet into the earth. Around the sides of the hole is a slow spiraling walkway big enough to take two carts around. It descends slowly down the hole like a corkscrew. The spiral road goes down until it reaches the bottom, over a thousand feet down, where the mine and forge is. Along the road around the mountain there are numerous caves dug out, finished, and then made into homes, shops, watering holes, inns, and anything else you would find in a normal city. The city is built downward and around the hollow area under the mountain. Being a gnomish city, it has an abundance of small fellows. Also living in the city are a few human guests who may even own shops. Dwarves can also be found in smaller numbers around the city.

Lakemar [Small Walled City: 6,126]: Lakemar is a lot of things to this small island and because of this it has become a thriving community and small city. It is located at the southern point of the island and rests on the southern side of Bottom of the Mountain Lake. Being on the lake and having access to the Southern Sea, it is a major trade route for those coming and going from Ylvangar.

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