Following the road through the jungle reveals very little of what is up ahead. Continuing along the road the first wooden structures of green, brown, and black begin coming into view indicating that something more is hiding behind the confines of the jungle. The jungle gives way to a city hidden beneath her protective canopy. The roads wind through the jungle swathing a path for travelers with structures of wood on either side. The jungle continues to grow among many of the buildings adding to its stealthy construction.

Just inside the southern border of the Jade Tail Jungle border, found along the East or West Trade Road, the city of Eluren waits hidden among the trees, vines, and brush. The city is located just south of the Taillash River and is seen as a major trade center for the area of the Emerald Grasslands. Travelers using the West Trade Road from Teeriphan and those coming down the East Trade Road from the east coast area know of Eluren and its trade. The Fort Pass connects the city to its most well traveled fort protecting the region from untold horrors beyond the Ridgeback Cliff. Eluren is not a port city but travelers are also known to use the Taillash River to visit the city. The vast jungle shelters the city from many unwanted guests and grants an advantage to those defending the city.

City Locations

Temple of Blazing Stars
The Queen's Rookery Temple
Black Rook Inn
Black Griffon Tavern
The Flying Talon Tavern
Queen's Embrace Inn

Noteworthy Inhabitants

King Raus Rathhardtsen King of Mentiel (Deceased)
Commander Alder First Commander of Mentiel's Military
Amos the Guide City Guide of the King's Court

Campaign Quests

ERDH10 The Mad King
ERDH11 Temple of Lost Secrets

Rumor Mill

The Cult of Vecna
A Strange Machine

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