Erdh10 The Mad King

The adventurers were finally able to make it into Eluren to claim their reward and deliver the message from the Commander of Skulldrop. When they were invited to stay for a religious and spiritual celebration that was happening in 2 days, they decided to oblige the King and stay for the festivities. There was nothing relaxing about the next 2 days.

A strange guide named Amos dropped enough clues to get the adventurers suspicious about the actual nature of this new holiday, the Festival of Life. They learned it was actually a ritual that would bind all the people of Mentiel into a hive mind type community. They would be forever linked to an Overmind that would control everything they did or thought. At the center of this incredible plot against a nation was the King himself.

They found an ally among the nobles. Lord Alder Kriegieh, the very noble they came to deliver the message, was the only survivor of his household when the Kriegiehs were marked as traitors. Lord Kriegieh helped the heroes get into the King’s Keep and the Fate Seekers did the rest. They fought through the King’s defenses and confronted the King in his Sanctum. With him was an artifact called a Far Reaching Mirror that allowed the King to communicate with a Chaos Lord from the Far Realm. This was the Chaos Lord’s way of gaining a hold on the Natural world. He failed when he faced the Fate Seekers from the King’s own dead body.

The King has been killed and the Varkis family has been avenged. The people of Mentiel are safe once again. The madness of the King as he terrorized this land has been stopped and the people of Mentiel can now decide where they will go from here.

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