Erdh11 Temple Of Lost Secrets

The Fate Seekers were given permission to look through the secret King’s Vault for clues to some unanswered questions. Unfortunately when they arrived on the scene a group of cult thugs were raiding the place. Chasing after the thieves the heroes came upon a Cult of Vecna impersonating followers of the Raven Queen. They were too late; the information had already been moved on.

They followed the thieves to a mining village called Tinaras just inside the hills of north Mentiel. The village was more like a ghost town as it was being terrorized by a great shadow creature feeding on the lives of the villagers. Searching the mines and talking with the villagers pointed the heroes in the direction of a hidden graveyard oasis behind the hill where the village was.

A large mausoleum was built on the face of a hill overlooking the oasis. The Fate Seekers entered the mausoleum and found the Cult of Vecna behind the theft of the information and the destruction of the village. The mayor of Tinaras, Lord Talos, actually became the leader of the Cult in Mentiel. They found Talos but he had been transformed into a hideous undead creature with 3 skulls named Latalos. The Fate Seekers destroyed the Cult, freed the village, and returned the information to Eluren. All in a days work as an adventurer.

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