Eridus Isles Archive

This Journal will be a recap of everything the party has done. I will keep an up-to-date list of major and minor quests completed with some details about each one. This is also where you will find the noteworthy NPCs and possible contacts the party has acquired. The Sessions will be laid out here as well.

Story Locations

This list will include the places the heroes visit along their journey. Inside each location will be a description and possibly other information like quests completed in that location and any noteworthy characters met in each area. In the instance of settlements, there will be a list of Inns, Taverns, as well as Temples found there. There may be other things added but it will be a per case bases depending on the location.

Items Discovered (Link)

I will be compiling a list of the enchanted (magical) items found in the game. There will also be a list of quest items as well. This might make the job of adding and placing magic items a little easier. Those items that are destroyed will be marked as such.

Honor Thy Dead (Link)

This page will be the graveyard of character souls. When a brave and courageous adventurer falls in combat, they will be honored on this page. I will try to add a eulogy for each character stating some of their accomplishments and how they died. This can be edited by anyone that wishes to add a comment about the character (especially the Player of the character).

Attendance Sheet

This sheet will show the total number of sessions each player has been to. I will keep it up-to-date as best I can. I did not start adding player's names to the Session Summaries until like the 5th session, so I just added 4 days to everyone's count. This is just some fun tid-bits for the game. I hope you all see it that way too.

Continuing the Story

This is the story being told as it unfolds at the gaming table. Each week the game is played there will be a Summary to match describing the events that happened that week. It is a summary so some things may be left out and others may be compiled so it does not get out of control. Handouts gained in the game will be added as a link within the week's summary for all to reference as needed.

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