Exarch Of Yeenoghu

The Fate Seekers were simply trying to help a small village called Tumoin as a group of gnolls kidnapped some of their women and children. They did not know it would escalate into a much bigger problem. The group learned the gnolls had another agenda. They had kidnapped villagers from other villages as well. They were given a ritual that will grant their lead shaman, Fangclaw, the favor of their master, Yeenoghu and make him a full fledged Exarch of the Demon Lord of Slaughter.

The group traveled to the Shadowfell in search of the House of Slaughter, an ancient Temple dedicated to the forces of evil. They battled through the denizens of that dismal place and finally reached their destination. Inside the Temple were demons summoned by Fangclaw to deter any from interfering with the ritual.

They also battled the Temple itself. Skeletons seeking blood attacked the heroes, phantasms showed them disturbing visions of what the Temple was used for, strange pools suddenly filled with blood pulled members into their own nightmares. After all this the group finally found the shaman with the ritual still in progress. The shaman was in a weakened state which made it possible for the Seekers to stop him before he found is full power. They also saved over half of the villagers that were taken.

Fangclaw was stopped, the ascension averted, the villagers were saved and returned to the village of Tumoin, but there were still questions unanswered.

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