The Clensing

Feiwyn has recently went through a great disaster. Very few remember anything beforehand… Most remember radiant lights and balls of fire, cold and acid raining through the sky but for some reason not touching the land of Feiwyn. Feiwyn the home of elves, gnomes, eladrin and dwarves was saved due to a combination of great magic… that and a bit of forwarning from someone calling himself a Harbinger of Discord. What people remember of the time before was the world was on the verge of war, the mainland who's name was forgotten had just been conquered by a ruthless dictator, called Dranis Relzin. Dranis himself was approached by a Harbinger, but refused any treaty or to give up what he'd just won. The only continent that didn't openly insult these Harbingers was that of Feiwyn… and thus they were spared.

A Changed World

Since that day, 10 long years, no one has seen or heard from a Harbinger… men dressed in Black robes with red underclothes and a single stripe. What the people have become accustomed to is the way the "Clensing", as it has been known as, has changed the Feiwyn. There have been attempts to leave the continent, but only gnomish flying devices have gotten far enough to see anything… and what news they have brought back is total devastation. The only movement is that of the Sea and creatures that are not living. The Clensing caused the creatures in the area to be changed, the common animal is now a rarity. The wolves that patrol the forest now are the size of dire wolves, the wasps and mosquitos are now deadly instead of just a nuisance. The most notable change is the Orcs, this minor problem has been elevated to a threat on all of Feiwyn.

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