First Advisor Maranaren

Maranaren is of medium height and quite thin for his size. He appears quite older than he really is. The time he has spent as First Advisor to the Fort Commander has taken its toll. Though he is thin, he is in great shape; however his face shows signs of ware and fatigue more often than not. He is actually in his middle ages, about a decade older than the Commander himself.

Maranaren is a stern man who makes his meaning very clear. He does not play with words when he is advising the Commander unless subtlety is necessary for the current situation. He is not good at hiding his feelings and is a horrible liar. He is a powerful man in his own right and his speech and demeanor shows some of his arrogance.

Maranaren is also the Head Master of the Skull Tower which is manned by a group of experienced arcane casters under the command of Ser Ryver. They use magical means to help protect the Fort and defend the land against dangerous enemies that proves difficult for the guards.

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