Foothold Alliance

Beyond the mountains to the north through a passage that seems to cross the Shadowfell, there is a place called the Galaedar Monastery. The monastery was a secret place for special servants of the gods to come a train. All of the gods were represented and all were welcome. Recently the occupancy has changed hands.

It is hard to tell when exactly it happened, but the Galaedar Monastery was assaulted and all within was slaughtered. A group called the Legion came in and now occupies the monastery. They fed technology and magic to the bestial races of the Jagged Plains, payment for their cooperation. The Avatars, commanders of the Legion forces, devised a plan to take over the Skulldrop Fort so it could be used for their purposes.

It has come to light that the Avatars and the Legion have a special interest in Eridus. They are looking for something here that is very important to them. The object of their desire is still a mystery but it is certain they have not given up. They went through great lengths to eliminate any witnesses to their arrival and devised an elaborate plan that would gain them a foothold on Eridus soil. Maybe their plan would have succeeded. Maybe they would be secretly working their way through the lands of Eridus, if not for a heroic band of adventurers. What fate lies with these heroes?

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