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If you wish to discuss things about a particular session post it here. Also you can post attendance, call-offs, or negotiate rides for upcoming sessions.
39235by WorgathWorgath
07 Apr 2012 05:22Jump!
Discuss what the site needs and what it don't need
1781by (account deleted)
08 Nov 2010 14:17Jump!
I want to use this section to discuss new ideas. This category will be used to get your opinions on things.
431by EnochEnoch
09 Aug 2012 21:33Jump!
74535by WorgathWorgath
18 Jun 2011 06:17Jump!
If there is an Errata you wish to discuss post it here, DM or otherwise.
653by MGolden73MGolden73
15 Jul 2010 20:51Jump!
I know many of us were waiting impatiently for the new PHB2 to arrive, I thought I would add a category for discussing new products.
1445by (account deleted)
12 Jan 2012 19:02Jump!
Some topics about the new version of the greatest game ever made.
48by WorgathWorgath
14 Aug 2012 09:15Jump!
Eridus Isles
Eridus Isles discussion board
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What would you like to see in the game? Specific items or other topics.
16104by drevnordrevnor
04 Apr 2010 12:04Jump!
Have any ideas for the game, post them and we can discuss them.
30221by (account deleted)
02 Feb 2011 00:11Jump!
GURPs - Vast Trouble
Here is a new group to discuss everything about the new GURPs Science Fiction game run by Josh Smith.
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Share ideas or thoughts about the characters. Maybe you have an idea for the characters (not the adventure) that can help the party.
422by drevnordrevnor
01 Sep 2012 18:48Jump!
Discuss the different areas of the galaxy or if you have a question you need answered, here is the place to be.
718by EnochEnoch
26 Aug 2012 03:25Jump!
Have some thoughts on the last session, or any session? Jot it down here and lets talk about it.
619by WorgathWorgath
28 Jan 2013 11:41Jump!
GURPS - Banestorm
This is where all the discussion for GURPS and Banestorm should take place. It's best that it has its own group.
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Any discussion about the characters, or future characters, or for the characters should be done here.
45by BelzaviorBelzavior
19 Aug 2011 02:19Jump!
This is where you can discuss different areas of Banestorm. If you have something to say, or a question about a certain area, start it here.
37by (account deleted)
14 Oct 2011 19:59Jump!
What would you like to see added to the Banestorm section of the website.
33by EnochEnoch
30 Jul 2011 09:05Jump!
Have something to say about the last session, or any session, start post it here.
27116by EnochEnoch
16 Feb 2012 11:24Jump!
Some Other Topics
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Here is a category for you to add things about yourselves. Things like new girlfriends or new surgeries can be posted here.
544by smet1970smet1970
15 Feb 2012 10:29Jump!
This section will consist of changes in the gaming schedule. Time changes, call offs, and days there will be no game. Please post all such topics here.
42218by WorgathWorgath
28 Nov 2012 19:20Jump!
This is where I will be posting the seating arrangements. It will basically be a weekly statement of who will get the first four seats.
70215by drevnordrevnor
28 May 2011 11:33Jump!
40177by smet1970smet1970
27 Sep 2012 18:33Jump!
Want to discuss a non-D&D game, post it here.
38127by BelzaviorBelzavior
28 Oct 2012 09:55Jump!
These are times when maybe one form income may not be enough. This section will allow us to discuss alternate forms of income that could be available to us. Please keep it serious and clean.
1432by BelzaviorBelzavior
22 Sep 2009 05:56Jump!

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