Gol Ikaris

The entire province of Gol Ikaris is run like a strict convent. They are deep believers in the religion of the Heroes and they take it very seriously. Though they welcome guests and new members of their congregation with open arms, any who live within the borders of Gol Ikaris must follow the edicts put forth by the Heroes of Legend.

Gol Ikaris is located on the island of Xenaphar. It is one of the smaller provinces on the island covering the section that breaks off to the northwest. The land is almost square or rectangle starting at the border of Xenthaphrin and heading northwest. Sometimes it feels like a separate entity to the island.


  • +1 bonus to Wisdom
  • You may add Religion to your class skill list
  • Gain a +2 bonus to all Religion checks
  • Add the higher of your Wisdom score or your Constitution score to your starting hit points (instead of automatically adding your Constitution score). Your number of healing surges is still based on your Constitution score.

Province Society

Like Xenthaphrin, the majority of the population here is Xynthians. The island is their home and they have settled all around it. Gold Ikaris specializes in the religious beliefs of the ancient Heroes of Legend. The people that live within her borders are mostly clerics, priests, and other religious followers of the faith.

Gol Ikaris follows strict laws based on their faith. They have a strict set of rules that must be obeyed by all that walk their land. Even visitors to the province are made aware of these rules and the punishment for breaking them.

The people that reside here try to bring a better way of life through prayer and religion. Through edicts from the gods they worship they mold their society. Unlike Xenthaphrin, they do not allow outsiders to corrupt this way of life. Instead they enforce their rules on visitors the same way they do their residents.

The province falls under the jurisdiction of the Senate of Wisdom. This group of high priests writes most of the laws that govern the entire island. Any law that is written by them is a law enforced by all three provinces. Their power supersedes any rules or laws made by the local government.

The biggest threat to Gol Ikaris is the threat to all of Xenaphar, the House of the Black Xen. Their simple goal is to undermine the Senate of Wisdom through chaos in Eridus. There is one major difference between Gol Ikaris and the rest of the island, the Black Xen’s base is said to be somewhere in their territory. It is hard to say whether this is true, but the Black Xen is far more active in Gol Ikaris than anywhere else on the island.


The province of Gol Ikaris is not very big, covering only a small portion of the island. About sixty percent of the province is covered in rolling plains. These plains cover the northwestern half of the region. The rest of the province, near the border of Xenthaphrin, is dense jungle

Ings Plains: The plains of Gol Ikaris are a vast flatland. One can stand in a meadow and see for miles, with very little changes in the land’s surface. There are spouts of trees around the terrain but they are few and far between. The Ings Plains are home to many small bands of marauders that are against the religious ways of the Senate. It is also home to tribes of gnolls. It is too much to hop that one will eliminate the other.

The Windless Jungle: The Windless Jungle is a very dense jungle but rather hospitable to travelers. Much of the terrain is flat, with very little changes to the jungle floor. This makes it a bit easier to travel what otherwise would be a hazardous woodland. The one serious danger within this part of the jungle is the Black Xen. The settlers of this province believe their main headquarters is based out of this jungle, and the Xen is fiercely protective.

Province Features

Gol Ikaris is not heavily populated. This is mostly due to the provinces strict rules placed upon all that live here. Most of the population is located within the Ings Plains. Simple farmers and herdsman make up most of the settling population. The jungle isn’t populated due to its uncontrollable atmosphere and the danger of the Black Xen.

Kilen Gol [Small City: 11,539]: The Capitol city of Gol Ikaris is located near the Xeneth Bay and very close to the jungle. Kilen Gol is the control center for the entire province. The city houses the Avant Guard, an elite religious order dedicated to keeping the peace throughout the land. Its primary goal is to sniff out the Black Xen wherever they may hide. It is rumored that the Xen have a safe house somewhere in the city, maybe even a temple. The Avant Guard continues to deny this allegation, ensuring that the city is safe form their evil.

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