Goli Makraken
  • Player: Elbert Havard IV
  • Race: Goliath
  • Class: Warden
  • Level: 2
  • Homeland:
  • Age:19

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Standard
Armor: Standard
Neck: Standard


Goli is a large Goliath. The average height for a human is 5'7 although Yao Ming is 7'7. The average for a Goliath is 7'6, Goli is 9ft. He wears hide. His size is meant to make him a bigger target as he is a defender. He wields a Khopesh and a medium shield. He is bald a gray skinned and gray eyed. He is a gentle giant until his anger is aroused. He is then a large, menacing, strong, and endurable warrior.


Goli is easy going. Very protective over the smaller races, especially dwarves. He simply wants to help and be an asset to whatever group he is with. He understands his place and is willing to do whatever he has to for the greater good of the party. He looks like a big dumb slow goliath, but he is very smart and wise to boot. He is used to being underestimated for his mind, and he is used to surprising those who underestimate him as a formidable thinker as well as a fighting force.


Goli is a young goliath out away from home and looking to test his mettle. He is a product of his environment and he holds all the stereotypical truths about what can be said of goliaths from his region. He wants to protect and defend those who need him to defend them. He is lawful good so he want to do what is right in every situation. Selfless and understanding, he understands that a group that stays together and works as a team with everyone doing their specialized part will have a better chance to make it then a group without focus or with selfish leadership. No one is expendable or disposable. He has learned this from living in the rough and rugged mountains, where to survive one must work hard, endure struggle and weather, and work together to survive.

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