Immigrants from a far off world, goliaths are one of the newest races found on Awlidan. Though they are slowly spreading throughout the world, they first arrived here through a gateway that led them to one of Eridus’ islands. Goliaths arrived only a few decades ago on the island of Jerhelheim and immediately made an impression. As if a blessing from Moradin himself, they arrived during a vicious conflict between the giants of the Garandust Mountains and the Stoneforge clan of dwarves. For the first time the giants were able to push their way into the outer halls of the clan hold, the inner halls and the city proper were about to be next. In their darkest hour unlikely allies arrived from the rear. A large band of goliaths, fresh from the gate and new to this world, saw the plight of the dwarves and with a glorious cry, “TO ARMS!!!,” they attacked the giants from behind. With the aid of these strangers, and newfound friends, the dwarves prevailed and their home was safe once again.

During the first years after their arrival they were known by many different names and descriptions. Many of the common folk described them as fearsome giants while others mistook them for grotesque ogres. After a time the public’s attitude changed; as the goliath’s reputation grew and the news of their friendship with the dwarves spread, the other races finally seen them as a fine addition to the common races of Eridus. They have now become integrated into the societies of the islands and can be found throughout the borders of Eridus. Like all the other races, their profession differs with the wants, needs, and dreams of the individual. At first they were mistaken for some of the more brutal humanoid races but for the dwarves they have always been known as Garzanths or “Giant Friends.”


The race of goliaths comes from a world that can only be described as a desolate wasteland. The environment itself is hostile to its inhabitants and to hear them describe it the entire world is a lawless wilderness. It is a place they rarely talk about and you won’t find it in any of the recent history books from them. All goliaths know they come from a far off world, and that their elders escaped that world for a better one, but they do not teach their young about that world and they do not add it to their history.

The goliaths wanted a new fresh start and that is what they found on Jerhelheim. Though they share their lands with the dwarves they aided, they are grateful for what they have found and they are slowly migrating outward from this new beginning.

Goliaths can be found all over Eridus but they have no lands of their own. They helped protect the stronghold of Stoneforge clan and in return the dwarves helped them build a city over the entrance of the Clan Hold. The city of Stoneforge has been the only home the goliaths have ever known since coming to Awlidan and settling in Eridus.


A strong bond has grown between the goliaths and their new dwarven friends. It is well known that once you have earned the trust and friendship of the dwarves they are allies for life. The selfless act that brought them to the aid of the dwarves cemented their friendship. Goliaths may not have that kind of relationship with all the races of Eridus, but they are naturally honorable and kind hearted people. Once you get to know them, it is difficult not to like them. Since the story of how the goliaths aided the dwarves has spread, it is been easier for the other inhabitants of Eridus to accept their strange giant or ogre-like appearance.

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