While traveling, the newly acclaimed Fate Seekers discovered a village on the edge of the jungle and the hills. They found it while following a plume of black smoke. Entering the village they found that the Mayor and his family had been attacked and slaughtered by gnolls and their house had been burned down. When they gnolls left, they took with them 6 women and children and retreated back to their lair, Gorehold.

The Seekers decided they would do the right thing and track down these gnolls and get the people back, and maybe even stop the raiding the gnolls have been doing on the village. They tracked the gnolls back to their lair and learned that a group of giants have allied with the beasts. This of course was baffling. It was unheard of that these two races would work together.

The Fate Seekers traveled down through the lair putting an end to the gnolls as they went. When they reached the bottom of this great hole in the ground, they found more giants creatures in the form of ogres. They even found an intelligent ogre called an Oni that was an emissary for someone called RR.

The group found a series of letters that instructed the gnolls to kidnap 66 women and children and use them for a ritual that would gain them the favor of their patron lord, Yeenoghu. The heroes slaughtered the gnolls and put an end to their raids in this area after killing their leader, Bloodfang. They did not learn the identity of the RR figure, and they could not find the hostages. The search continues.

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