Group Quote Contest

The miniatures shelves are done, or at least the big wall is done, and there is a large gap above them that needs to be filled. We would like to put up a cool quote or phrase that really captures what this group is all about. I’m talking about the group of friends, not necessarily the gaming group. Below is the list of rules and the prizes for the winners of the contest. I hope to see all of you participate and have fun with this. Good luck!

Contest Rules

The quotes or phrases must be sent to me privately; either through email or private message from the website. You can send it to me through text messaging, but I get a lot of texts and it could get lost in the shuffle.

  • The quote can come from anywhere, as long as it is in good taste. If you turn in a quote that says, “Don’t Spill Your Beer,” don’t expect it to appear on the list.
  • The quote can be a gaming quote, a life quote, a friends quote, or anything that might describe what the group is all about.
  • You can turn in a quote, or you can send me a phrase you made up yourself. Please remember it must be in good taste.
  • You can turn in as many quotes as you want. It is possible not all of them will make the final cut for the voting list.
  • All quotes, phrases, or messages must be sent in by Saturday, June 26th, 2010. The voting will start the week of the 27th.


First Place
The chosen quote, phrase, or message will be made by Stacy and put on the wall above the Miniature Shelf.
50 Player Points (Will be considered Earned Player Points as well.)
12th Level Magic Item of your choice (that will be given out in game).

Second Place
30 Player Points (Will be considered Earned Player Points as well.)

Contest Entries

Preliminary Round
Round One Quotes
Quotes Finals
And the Winner IS!

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