Half Elf

There has always been a close relationship between elf and human. Whether it is hostile or friendly, it has been there since the humans began inhabiting the world. Elves and humans have come together for many reasons and not all of them have been a kind meeting. When you have gatherings like this you will find some individuals that are attracted to the other side. Some elves are naturally curious about mankind’s innocence, their passion of life and their need to make their mark during their short lifespan. Humans are not only attracted to the fair and lithe physical form of the elf but also their elder wisdom and their love for nature and all living things.

Elves and humans have always come together for one thing or another and during these gatherings nature takes hold and inspires coupling. The two most common of all the races on Awlidan have a history of mingling and producing offspring. The introduction of half-elves to the world is almost as old as humans themselves. Half-elves have many of the characteristics of both parents but these same characteristics also set them apart from both races.


Though the history of the half-elf dates back to shortly after the arrival of mankind, they are not as numerous as either of their two heritages. Rarely will you find more than a couple in a community and that percentage only grows slightly when you count an entire country or kingdom. The largest number of half-elves known to exist only amounts to a couple of thousand on the entire continent of Kantolus, the most populated continent of the world.

The half-elf race, though old in their own right, does not have the population to support a large community let alone an entire land to call their own. All throughout history, there has never been a rise of half-elves, or an empire of the race. They are mostly found in human or elven communities but can be found among any of the other races. That is the extent of the half-elf homeland.


Half-elves rarely have less than difficult lives. Living among either parents communities, they are marked as different, an outsider. A mixed heritage is not without its benefits. Children learn skills from both races and are gifted with the best of both worlds. Many learn to bridge the gap between the two bloodlines and become liaisons, spokesman, or even ambassadors for the two races.

Half-elves are typically welcomed among any of the other common races. It has been known for them to be viewed as elf spies or tainted elves, but in many places their mixed blood sets them apart from any one race. They are typically welcomed anywhere their character or their beliefs do not conflict with the masses. A law abiding half-elf would be welcomed in any society of a like mind where an outlaw half-elf would be driven off or brought to justice.

Half-elves can easily pass as neutral and therefore make natural born ambassadors or spokesman for any of the other races. It is not unheard of to find a half-elf mediator at the table of talks between dwarves and elves, or even dwarves and one of the uncommon races like the mongrel folk.

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